Monster High Draculocker


The Draculocker is like the Monster High version of the Barbie Wardrobe. I haven’t been able to find the Draculocker in stores, so I bought it online from As with my Ghoul Chat set, I received prompt shipping and had the Draculocker in a couple of days.




The case is shaped like the coffin-shaped lockers at Monster High. It has a pink retractable handle for carrying.


The side features a Monster High skullette lock that you can push down to hold the locker closed.



The Draculocker opens to reveal a faboo walk-in closet for Draculaura that also includes a study area for her. It comes with several accessories, an extra dress, and even her pet Count Fabulous is included. One side is the closet, with shelves and hangers.


It even has space for Draculaura and Count Fabulous to sleep upside-down, suspended from a support that slides into the locker.




The other side is Draculaura’s study area. It has shelves, two pull-out drawers, and comes with a chair.


The Draculocker comes with several accessories for Draculaura, including several hangers, an extra dress, two extra pairs of shoes, three handbags, a pair of sunglasses, an extra pair of earrings, and a parasol.




Draculaura comes dressed in a pink dress with a print of hearts with bat wings, tied at the waist with a red ribbon, and paired with black leggings and pink sandals.



She also has a pair of pink lace-up boots.


The other outfit is a pink dress with a pattern that looks like the shirred fabric that lines a coffin, paired with white sandals with heart-shaped cut-outs in the heels. Here she is wearing it with the sunglasses and one of the three handbags that came with the Draculocker.



The other pair of earrings are shaped like a bow.


We’ve seen the other two purses before. The pink coffin-shaped purse is from the same mold as the black purse that came with Draculaura in the Forbitten Love two-pack with Clawd, and the black heart-shaped purse is from the same mold as the pink purse that came with the Day at the Maul Draculaura.

Which purse should I take today?

Which purse should I take today?

When taking photos with the Draculocker, I was lazy and didn’t add extra accessories, but you could fill the shelves with other Monster High purses, shoes, dresses, and accessories. It would be fun for little girls (and big girls too) to fill the closet with all of Draculaura’s stuff to really make it look lived in.

Hard at work.

Hard at work.

Do you have the Draculocker or are you thinking about getting it?


One thought on “Monster High Draculocker

  1. Blackkitty

    This set, or at least the doll from it, is very high in my wishlist. Unfortunately, I can’t see a way to buy it without selling a kidney or something (I’m in Europe and we don’t have any K-Marts).


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