Wonder Woman Dolls by Mattel


Ghoulia13 and I saw the Wonder Woman movie yesterday, so now I’m on a Wonder Woman jag. Never mind I’ve been annoying the heck out of Ghoulia13 by singing the theme to the Wonder Woman 1970s television show all week in anticipation of seeing the movie. So after we saw the movie, we headed to Walmart and bought the dolls. Like, all the dolls. Well, almost all the dolls.

I bought Battle Ready Wonder Woman, Diana Prince in Evening Gown with Hidden Sword, and the Walmart-exclusive Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor 2-pack (I love how the Walmart website’s URL calls it the “WW-Steve-Trevor-Chris-Pine-2-Pack”), all by Mattel. To clarify any confusion about these dolls, the playline Wonder Woman dolls are not Barbie-as-Wonder-Woman dolls. The adult collector Barbie Wonder Woman Paradise Island Gift Set dolls offered on the Barbie Collector website (yes, I ordered them!) are on Barbie and Ken bodies.The playline dolls are on beefier bodies. They are fully articulated, but in a clumsier way than the adult collector bodies which, judging from the photos, use the Barbie Made to Move bodies. But the sturdier bodies would hold up better for play, and I hope little girls all across the country are reenacting battle scenes with their Wonder Woman dolls.


Battle Ready Wonder Woman comes in her superhero outfit, complete with diadem, bullet-deflecting armbands, and trademark long boots.


She also comes with her golden lasso that compels people to tell the truth. It would have been nice if she came with her sword and shield, but those accessories come with the Wonder Woman Shield Block doll. The outfit is kind of cheap. It’s just a thin one-piece dress with printed details, right down to the folds of her skirt.


Wonder Woman is articulated at the knees and elbows but not at the wrists. The articulation is good but could be better. I tried to put Wonder Woman in her bullet-deflecting pose but I couldn’t cross her forearms high enough. This is as close as I could get:


The Diana Prince in Evening Gown recreates the beautiful dress Wonder Woman wore when she went undercover to the Imperialist German officers’ gala, against Steve’s orders (because Wonder Woman doesn’t take orders from any man, see?!).


It even comes with her superhero boots, which she wore to the gala under her gown – you know, just in case she needed to kick some enemy a**.


The Wonder Woman dolls are pretty, but I think they only slightly capture the likeness of Gal Gadot. The adult collector doll, of better quality, looks more like Ms. Gadot. And just look at all the glue in the playline Diana’s hair!


But the main attraction with this doll is that, unlike Battle Ready Wonder Woman, the Diana Prince doll does come with her God-killer sword. The dress has a loop inside to accommodate the sword. I know everyone who’s seen the movie and bought this doll has taken this same picture, but here you go:


Because this doll didn’t come with armbands, it was on this doll that I realized something funny about the Wonder Woman playline dolls. Her arms are muscular, in that sinewy, Madonna kind of way. But it occurred to me that the Wonder Woman dolls use the same arms as the Monster High boy dolls! They look like they’re taken from the same mold as the first-wave boys such as Deuce Gorgon that didn’t have articulated wrists, and feature the same peg-in-joint construction at the elbows. It reminds me of that episode of Seinfeld where Jerry dated the woman with man hands.

The Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor 2-pack features Diana dressed in her warrior training outfit that she wore on the island of Themyscira, or as Steve Trevor called it, Paradise Island. Again, it’s a cheap dress with a printed design. Diana’s hair is pulled back into a long braid. Like Evening Gown Diana Prince, she also comes with a sword.



It was on Themyscira that Diana met Steve when his plane crashed. But the Steve doll isn’t wearing the outfit Steve wore when he landed on the island. Rather, it’s wearing the outfit he wore when he and Diana went to Belgium later in the movie.


The Steve Trevor doll comes with a revolver and a holster. He also has articulated arms and legs, but no wrist articulation. His hand isn’t shaped in a position to adequately hold his gun, unlike Wonder Woman, who has one hand shaped so that her fingers can close around the sword’s handle. The gun looks fine in this photo, but it was loose in Steve’s hand and is really just resting in it. His hand can’t grasp the gun if a child were playing with it and making the doll run around shooting at bad guys.


For those who want the outfit Steve wore on Themyscira, the pricier adult collector Paradise Island set features it. I was a bit disappointed with the painted-on pants and boots on the Steve Trevor doll, which means options for redressing him are limited.


And the hair color on the doll is too dark. The doll has black hair, (he could almost pass for Benedict Cumberbatch), whereas Chris Pine has brown hair. The marketing photo on the Walmart website shows the prototype with a more accurate hair color.

steve diana

photo courtesy of Walmart

The adult collector Paradise Island Steve Trevor doll has rooted brown hair and looks more like Chris Pine than the playline Steve Trevor doll does. However, the playline doll got the most important feature right – recreating Chris Pine’s piercing baby blue eyes.




I had fun photographing my Wonder Woman dolls. As I was posing them in various action poses and reenacting scenes from the movie, I had flashbacks of myself as a child playing with my dolls outside on the walkway to my house. If I had these dolls when I was nine years old I would make Wonder Woman fight and kick butt! Since the playline Wonder Woman dolls don’t use Barbie bodies, I can’t dress them in Barbie fashions, but I wonder if some of the Mego fashions of the 70s, made for dolls like Cher and Farrah Fawcett, might.



I hope the Wonder Woman movie is inspiring the imaginations of girls, big and small, everywhere. Judging from posts on Facebook and Instagram, I think it is.


And I think I have a thing for Chris Pine now. 😍😍😍


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