Ma Petite Fleur Poppy Parker


Ooh la la! The new season of Poppy Parker dolls has been released, and it’s looking distinctly French. Past lines of Poppy Parker have seen Poppy as a spy, a hippie, and a representative for the World’s Fair. For 2016, Poppy goes to Paris. The Bon Bon Collection sees Poppy taking in all that Paris has to offer, including going to the ballet, shopping, sightseeing, and of course, modeling. The W Club upgrade doll for 2016, in keeping with the Parisian theme, is called Ma Petite Fleur.



Ma Petite Fleur sees Poppy channeling Brigitte Bardot. Poppy has the heavy black eyeliner and abundance of long blonde hair, worn in a pouf at the crown, that is associated with Bardot’s signature style. Except Poppy can’t keep her bangs out of her eyes!



In addition to her hair, Ma Petite Fleur Poppy also evokes Brigitte Bardot through her dress – a pink gingham number that is strikingly similar to two dresses that Bardot wore. The first was her wedding dress for her second marriage in 1959, to French actor Jacques Charrier.


Designed by Jacques Estrel, the pink Vichy (the French term for gingham) shirtwaist dress was delightfully simple for a wedding gown. It proved so popular that Estrel published the pattern for it so that other women could duplicate it.


Pattern by Estrel, “Prominent Designer”!

The ready-to-wear industry also became infatuated with pink gingham.


But while the gingham of Poppy’s dress is a nod to Bardot’s Vichy dress, the style is almost an exact duplicate of another dress Bardot wore. In this dress, the jumper is a solid color while the pleated bodice is made of gingham. It is another surprisingly innocent dress for a woman renowned world-wide as a sex symbol.


Poppy’s dress has marvelous attention to detail. It has a real zipper down the back.



It also has the same volume in the skirt as Bardot’s gingham wedding dress, courtesy of a full tulle petticoat.


I love the dress, but one thing that slightly annoys me is that the shoulder straps won’t stay up. Clearly that annoyed Poppy, too.


Poppy came with a certificate of authenticity that looks like a French postcard (no, not that kind of French postcard). It’s adorable.


As with all Integrity dolls, Poppy comes with amazingly detailed accessories. I love how, with Integrity dolls,  the accessories come in a separate box inside the main doll box.


It looks like a big box of bon-bons. At least Poppy thought it was. And, for scale to Poppy, it looks HUGE.


What? There’s no candy in here?

The accessories include a pair of black faux leather pumps, simple black circle earrings, and a single black bangle bracelet.


But the most exciting accessory of all is a Poppy-sized record album. Because you see, while she was in Paris, Poppy added another item to her resume – chanteuse.


Poppy’s album drops next week – in stereo!

It’s amazingly detailed. It has both a front and a back cover, and comes with a tiny record with labels. The labels are stickers that came on a sheet that I peeled off and applied to the record.



“Discover the delicate golden voice of America that everyone is talking about: Miss Poppy Parker!” (I took French in high school).

I am a huge fan of Poppy Parker, and while I haven’t been crazy about some of her past lines (Girl from I.N.T.E.G.R.I.T.Y., I’m looking in your direction), I love this year’s Parisian-themed collection. I have pre-ordered the Ooh La La W Club 2016 Exclusive Gift Set and will review that when it arrives, hopefully before autumn! I’m chomping at the bit to receive it.

Are you a Poppy Parker fan? Do you have any of the Bon Bon Collection dolls? If so, which ones?


Poppy cranks up the ol’ hi-fi


2 thoughts on “Ma Petite Fleur Poppy Parker

  1. barbtheevilgenius

    I want to be a Poppy Parker fan, but I just can’t quite bring myself to do it. While I completely see the inspiration in the pictures of Bardot that you posted, that dress also looks very Barbie to me. Which I suppose is an indication of how fashionable Barbie was dressed in her early years. How totally awesome that you have a record player for Poppy’s new record!

  2. ghouliette Post author

    The dress does look like a Barbie dress from the early years, which coincided with Brigitte’s popularity. The stereo is a Sindy stereo. I had this when I was a child but it’s long gone. I bought this one on eBay!


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