Sevinyl by Julian Kalinowski


Sevinyl is a vinyl fashion doll that launched late last year. She was created by British artist and doll designer Julian Kalinowski, who also created Severine. Like Anouk, who I featured in my last post, Sevinyl pays tribute to Caprice, the French fashion doll that was intended to be a doll of the actress Catherine Deneuve. While Anouk looks very similar to the Caprice doll, Sevinyl bears a striking resemblance to Deneuve herself. With her sultry stare, heavily lidded eyes, and long blonde hair, she looks like she’s ready to light a Gitane, pour herself a glass of wine, and dab herself with Chanel No. 5. Sevinyl is definitely edgier than Anouk.


Sevinyl is a limited edition of 500 dolls. She comes with either rooted blonde or brunette hair. Each Sevinyl comes in a one-of-a-kind designer outfit. My Sevinyl arrived in a faux leopard fur coat with matching hat and clutch purse designed by Tania Lawrence. Underneath the coat Sevinyl wears an orange short-sleeved body suit. Shocking pink gloves and black heels complete the look. The clothes are well-made and detailed. The coat has a separate belt with a little buckle that you can actually fasten. The coat is also lined with a light pink fabric.





As gorgeous as her coat is, I had more fun when I removed it and discovered that Sevinyl was wearing an orange bodysuit underneath. Paired with the black shoes, this leggy blonde looks like a dancer at rehearsal for a 1960s cabaret act or variety show.


Sevinyl is well-made of durable, creamy vinyl. Her limbs and head are strung on elastic, allowing for more mobility. Her arms open outwards as well as up or down, and her head can move up, down, and side-to-side. Her face is hand-painted by Mr. Kalinowski. Each one is a little different, but each one has plenty of attitude!


Sevinyl’s proportions are unique. Her torso is very narrow and her waist is tiny, and she has slightly larger hips and a slightly smaller bust than Barbie. Her instep is also slightly higher than Barbie’s. I put some vintage Barbie boots on Sevinyl and they fit well enough, but I haven’t tried Barbie heels yet.  I also put some untagged vintage dresses on Sevinyl and they fit, but the one Barbie dress I’ve tried so far, the turquoise fashion pack sheath dress, was a little tight across the hips. Sevinyl could still zip it up, but she had to hold her breath, and she couldn’t sit down in it!



Suck in that stomach!


Canary yellow minidress from Hong Kong


Sevinyl in a Mary Quant-ish dress

Sevinyl is like the younger sister to Mr. Kalinowski’s other creation, Severine.
Severine is made of hard plastic​
rather than vinyl (hence Sevinyl’s name).Severine looks great in early-Sixties haute couture outfits, while Sevinyl can wear the more youthful fashions of the ’60s and ’70s, such as Mod, flower child, and disco. I have a large collection of vintage doll fashions that I can’t wait to try out on Sevinyl.Each Sevinyl comes in a clear tube with a stand and a certificate of authenticity signed by Mr.Kalinowski. Sevinyl can be purchased from Mr. Kalinowski directly on eBay. He usually lists about three at a time, along with some Severine dolls. If you see one available, and you really want one, buy it! Sevinyl and Severine have been featured in Fashion Doll Quarterly, and Mr. Kalinowski’s dolls go fast.

Sevinyl in a little gold number

Sevinyl and Anouk


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