Barbie’s In The News

From the national news media, to online media, from Allure magazine to the cover of Time magazine, Barbie’s making the headlines following a big announcement from Mattel yesterday.

Photo used s from Time magazine.

Photo used s from Time magazine.

If you love Barbie like we do, this is already old news to you. After days of teasing a major announcement was on its way, Mattel debuted its new, more diverse line of Fashionistas. The line has been expanded to include three never-before-seen body types for Barbie. In addition to Barbie’s “Original” body type, Mattel now offers Curvy, Petite and Tall body types. Along with the new bodies, there are several skin tones ranging from pale to black.  In addition, new hair shades such as dark blue, violet, and bright red have been introduced.

Photo is from Mattel.

Photo is from Mattel.

The dolls officially debuted yesterday, although not all of the models are available for purchase yet. Several are available on for pre-order.  The dolls will show up on store shelves starting in March, with new releases throughout the year. Most of the dolls retail for $9.99 each; a few come with extra fashions for $19.99

News sources are, of course, ruminating that this move is likely a response to slower sales and criticism over Barbies physical proportions and beauty ideals. Nevertheless, judging from the Facebook and Twitter comments, a lot of people are encouraged by, and excited for, the new dolls, applauding Mattel on dolls that “look like us.” Ghouliette and I are definitely among that chorus.

As soon as I saw the news I jumped onto the website and pre-ordered two dolls. I ordered “Sweetheart Stripes,” a curvy Barbie with long dark blue hair, and “Va-Va Violet,” an Original doll with a great light purple long bob with a side part. Ghouliette ordered the same two dolls. Sweetheart Stripes is scheduled to ship next week so hopefully it will be in my hands very soon!

As much as I’m looking forward to this line, I have to say I’m still disappointed that the Fashionista dolls are no longer articulated. (I know I speak for Ghouliette, as well.) The new dolls appear to have the same straight unbendable plastic legs as the current Fashionistas. I would love to be able to pose the new body types; as it is I’m planning on taking the Va-Va-Violet head off the doll and putting it on a Made to Move body. Too bad I can’t do that with the curvy doll.

Are you excited about the new Fashionistas? Have you pre-ordered any of them yet? Tell us what you think in the Comments.

in the meantime, enjoy this article from The New York Times.





One thought on “Barbie’s In The News

  1. barbtheevilgenius

    I like the look of the new Fashionistas; I’ll probably pick up a few. I have dreams of making clothes to sell for some of the new bodies, but who knows if I will. Hopefully articulation will show up for the Fashionistas. If the Make It Move dolls sell in big numbers, perhaps that will be a tipping point.


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