More Changes in Store for Makies

Makies seems to be a company in constant influx lately. First they switched from completely 3-D-printed bodies (the feature that made them unique) to injection-molded bodies in an effort to improve sales by reducing the cost of the dolls. This, however, led to discontent among some fans who weren’t happy with the new bodies, as well as the temporary discontinuation of boy Makies due to production problems. The Makies website experienced technical difficulties that caused many members to lose the Makies they had designed and saved to the website, forcing them to create new accounts and start from scratch. Then the company announced exciting changes in the works, including a collaboration with Disney that hinted at Disney-themed merch for Makies. But today the company dropped a bombshell:


Makies are moving to America. And that’s all we know. The website is currently non-operational. Customers can’t log in to their accounts or purchase dolls. Could this move to America be related to their collaboration with Disney? Rumor has it that the company is moving to Los Angeles because its founder and her husband are relocating there. Will¬†the move affect the production and appearance of the dolls? Will the price of Makies change?

It seems the future of Makies is, for now, a mystery. All we can do is keep checking the Makie website for updates.


As exciting as it could be for me, as an American, to have Makies on the same continent as I am, I can’t help but feel a little sad. I saw Makies as uniquely British, exemplifying the quirky creativity and independence that the Brits are known for that gave the world Mary Quant, Vivienne Westwood, Punk and New Wave, and Monty Python.

What do you think of the news that Makies are moving to America? Are you optimistic for the future of the dolls or do you think the change could be disastrous?

2 thoughts on “More Changes in Store for Makies

  1. Lorraine

    For us in the UK one of the biggest problems with the move is that we will have to pay customs on any doll we purchase which will make it prohibibtive. That was one of the nice things about buying a doll that was uniquely British and made in England – no extra costs. I for one won’t be purchasing another Makie which is sad..

    1. ghouliette Post author

      I’m thinking the same thing too, Lorraine, that I might stop buying Makies too, even now that they will be in the U.S. I just have a feeling that the company won’t ever come back from hiatus and that there will be no more Makies.


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