Vee Filez Bratz Doll


Okay, I did it. I plunked down $100 for a Bratz doll. A Bratz doll with the same wonky arms and bowl-legged stance as the playline dolls found in Target and Walmart. Why? Because she’s freakin’ fierce! And she’s a limited edition. But let me start from the beginning.


Vee Filez is a joint creation of Bratz and the New-York-based fashion and media company Vfiles. For those of you who are unfamiliar with, let’s just say it’s like Pinterest for poseurs. I had never heard of it until the official Bratz Instagram account posted that their exclusive Vee Filez doll was available for pre-order. Their link took me to the vfiles website to order the doll. I was shocked at first at the price, but the doll is limited to 290 worldwide, hence the hefty pricetag.


Besides, I pretty much crossed the threshold of pricey playline dolls when I purchased past Comic Con dolls like Monster High, Ever After  High, and Equestria Girls at secondary market prices.


Vee Filez is a Bratz with a backstory. She is an intern at (natch).  While certain traits seem typical for a fashion intern, she has brains as well. Her favorite class is Marine Biology, and her passions are fashion and Model U.N. Somehow I don’t think Bratz are going to inspire girls to pursue careers in the STEM fields like the Project MC2 dolls, but hey, they’re trying.



Canadian hip hop? Really?

For the $100 that she set me back, Vee Filez comes in a great presentation box. It’s like the box for Target’s Create-a-Bratz but inverted. With its black and yellow caution-tape vibe, it’s so urban and edgy. She also comes with an extra outfit and several accessories, including a backpack, a shopping bag, goggles, a lip-shaped hair brush, large hoop earrings, a cell phone, a necklace and bracelet, and the ubiquitous hipster slouchy beanie.






Vee Filez comes dressed in a green moto jacket, ripped jeans with leopard-print patches at the knees, and red and white sneakers. She wears a tank top that reads “GIRL POWER” and undies, with the waistband showing. It reads “VFILES + BRATZ.” It’s very Calvin Klein.


Here she is just in her undies.


Girl power!

What appealed to me most about Vee Filez was her platinum hair. It’s even whiter than Bratz doll Cloe’s hair. It’s styled into two chunky braids down her back. Her white hair contrasts nicely with her tanned skin.  Here is her hair from the back. Check out the”VFiles” logo on the back of her jacket.


Here she is with the hipster beanie and the goggles.


I like the beanie but I’m not crazy about the goggles.  She’s not going skiing. Are they supposed to be sunglasses?


Shopping at vfiles.

Her second outfit consists of a varsity jacket with hoodie, a leopard miniskirt, knee socks, and Timberland-style boots. I added the gi-normous hoop earrings with this outfit.




Vfiles backpack.

I thought the hipster beanie went much better with this outfit, which is my favorite of the two outfits Vee Filez came with.


So what do I think of her? I really like her. With her platinum hair, she’s like the Gwen Stefani of the Bratz world. Her clothes are great and her accessories are fun. She’s a beautiful doll.

What do you think of Vee Filez? Does her pricetag justify how limited she is? Or did I just get sucked in (again) by hype, cool packaging, and slick marketing techniques?!!

By the way, you can follow Vee on her very own Instagram page.


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