The Barbie Look Sweet Tea Barbie


Sweet Tea Barbie is one of three dolls that comprise the new The Barbie Look collection for Spring 2016. Each of the three dolls were inspired by looks that were featured on the Barbie Style account on Instagram , which, if you’re not following, you’re missing out on some amazing Barbie clothes and scenes.


The Barbie Look dolls are part of the Barbie Collection Black Label series. The Barbie Look dolls retail for $29.95 each. I was immediately drawn to the collection because the dolls are fully articulated, yet are reasonably priced. Sweet Tea Barbie appealed to me the most because I loved her outfit, and I thought her face was very pretty. It’s more sophisticated than the sometimes-vapid, open-mouthed playline Barbie face. According to Sweet Tea Barbie‘s designer, Bill Greening, the face has “only been used on a few higher-priced collector dolls.” Her long brunette hair ends in a curly flip, and I love her bangs. She’s like a modern Audrey Hepburn.


Sweet Tea Barbie wears a pink satiny sleeveless blouse with ruffles down the front, paired with a black floral skirt. She comes with a white purse, pink strappy peeptoe sandals, and rhinestone earrings and a bracelet. She also comes with a stand and, like all Barbie Collector dolls, a certificate of authenticity. The attention to detail is very good.


Rhinestone earrings


Rhinestone bracelet


Designer-style handbag

I especially love how her fingernails are painted pink (see above photo), but her toenails are painted black. Maybe Sweet Tea Barbie has a little bit of edginess in her!


Sweet Tea Barbie comes with tea-themed accessories, as you would imagine, including a plate with a non-removable scone, a cup and saucer, and a menu. The menu is written in gibberish. It would have been more fun if it had real words and read like a tea room menu. Oh well.




The Barbie Look dolls are articulated at the neck, elbows, wrists, and knees. They can’t quite put their hands over their mouths like the Integrity dolls do, and they’re not articulated under the bust, but I’m happy to have an articulated Barbie again after the Barbie Fashionista line, which started out as the articulated alternative to the usual Barbie line, suddenly started using un-articulated bodies (bad move, Mattel).  Are there any playline Barbies that have an articulated body anymore?


I can sweep my hair back, but I can’t cover my mouth

I have to admit, Sweet Tea Barbie isn’t the only Barbie Look doll I fell in love with. I also purchased the Urban Jungle Barbie. She’s equally sophisticated but edgier than Sweet Tea Barbie.  I want both their outfits in real sizes, please!


For a reasonable price, Sweet Tea Barbie offers a more articulated version of the Barbie doll. Although intended for the adult collector, I think it would also be suitable for older children and teens. But with none of the playline dolls featuring full articulation anymore, would you justify spending $30 for articulation when we used to be able to spend around $20? Is this a harbinger of things to come with Mattel? It seems that with their playline sales dropping, perhaps getting rid of articulation wasn’t a good idea. What do you think?

Do you have any of the Barbie Look dolls? What do you think of them?


6 thoughts on “The Barbie Look Sweet Tea Barbie

  1. dannyscotland

    I think that this is a super cute doll. I don’t collect Barbie dolls, just any doll that appeals to me, but she is so pretty. I think it’s a very unfortunate thing that Mattel continues to decrease the playability of their dolls, especially in the face of competitors such as Monster High, Ever After High, etc. which are fully articulated. Clothing is another issue for me. When my 2 daughters want new clothes for their Barbies, I usually turn to Etsy or ebay because there are very few choices in stores, plus handmade clothes like what can be found on Etsy are so much more nicely made. They don’t fall apart immediately, when purchased from a reputable seller. Mattel did release a super articulated doll recently, but to me, it’s kind of *too* much, actually. Being super, highly articulated, to me, is for more serious collectors who enjoy posing and photographing their dolls. I don’t really consider that playline, myself. Just my opinion. I’m pretty disappointed in where the Barbie line has gone, in general. Sometimes they still come out with something fantastic, but overall, disappointing.

    1. ghouliette Post author

      I get a lot of doll clothes on Etsy too because, as you said, they’re much better quality. I’ve heard of the super-articulated Barbie but I haven’t checked it out yet. Is it more of a playline doll?

  2. barbtheevilgenius

    There’s a new line called Made to Move Barbie which features 22 points of articulation. The only place I know they are available right now is on Amazon. They’re normally $14.99, though; please don’t pay the huge scalper markup price. The availability of the $14.99 ones goes in and out. I think officially they weren’t supposed to come out until next year.

      1. barbtheevilgenius

        No, I haven’t ordered them; they’re on my Christmas list. If Mr. BTEG doesn’t get me any for Christmas, I will be buying some. There are lots of doll blog reviews out there, though, if you want to see them.

      2. ghouliette Post author

        I just ordered the brunette one. Thanks so much for the tip! Amazon has all 3 for the retail price of $14.99. I’m curious to see how well they move. The promo photos show them doing yoga!

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