New Tulabelles for 2015


Tulabelle is back, and she looks a little different. Actually, she looks a lot different. Integrity Toys’ teen fashion blogger has grown up, and she’s got a new face mold to show for it. For 2015, her third season, the 16″ Tulabelle has gone from teen to a twenty-something young lady. But does the new facemold do her justice?


Idol Thoughts Tulabelle. Image courtesy of Integrity Toys.


Fashion Saga Tulabelle. Image courtesy of Integrity Toys


Sweet Tartan Tulabelle. Image courtesy of Integrity Toys


Mod-ern Love Tulabelle. Image courtesy of Integrity Toys

I’m a big fan of Tulabelle. I reviewed dolls from the first and second seasons and I absolutely loved her. Sadly, though, I’m not crazy about her new look. I personally feel that Integrity has ruined Tulabelle. The original Tulabelle looked sophisticated yet sweet, but the new face mold ages her beyond her twenty-something years and makes her look haughty. Integrity already has their “haughty supermodel” lines of dolls with the Fashion Royalty and FR16 collections. I loved Tulabelle because she was a breath of fresh air. Now I’m a little sad that the Tulabelle I love has changed. New Tulabelle’s fashions are just as fabulous as ever (I particularly like Mod-ern Love and Sweet Tartan), but the new face mold is a deal-breaker for me. And the Wicked and Divine Tulabelle reminds me of Miley Cyrus, which is a little unsettling!

Wicked and Divine Tulabelle. Image courtesy of Integrity Toys



Yikes! What a change from the Tulabelle I knew and loved:


First edition J’adore Tulabelle.


Violet Femme Tulabelle

Violet Femme Tulabelle, first season.


Pomp and Circumstance Tulabelle, first season.


French Kissed Tulabelle

French Kissed Tulabelle, second season.

The new Tulabelle line is available for pre-order from Cheryl’s Dolls and Collectibles. They retail for $150.00 each.

Are you a Tulabelle fan? What do you think of her new look?


2 thoughts on “New Tulabelles for 2015

  1. barbtheevilgenius

    I don’t have any Tulabelle dolls, but I did like her sweet look. Now she does look similar to most of Integrity’s other dolls: haughty and unhappy. Plus, she does look older than in her twenties, depending on the doll. Do you think that bug pin and envelope purse in Sweet Tartan look way out of scale for the doll?

    1. ghouliette Post author

      I did think the bug pin was too large, but I guess they couldn’t make it any smaller. I do think it’s adorable though, and I’ll be checking ebay to see if anyone lists just the Sweet Tartan outfit.


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