Monster High Amanita Nightshade


My apologies for not having blogged in a while. Both Ghoulia13 and I had to take a break as life got in the way, but we’re happy to be able to get back to doing one of the things we love best – or rather, two – buying dolls and writing about them.

I found Amanita Nightshade at my local Toys R Us. I know almost nothing about her, as there doesn’t seem to be a Monster High webisode about her yet. Hopefully that will be rectified soon.

Amanita is the daughter of the corpse flower, or more precisely, the corpse flower’s “bad seed.”

So what does this mean? Is she difficult to get along with? We must turn to her diary to get an insight into Miss Nightshade’s personality.


The first thing you might notice about Amanita is that she’s really pretty. And she knows it! According to her diary (vol. 56 of the Unlife and Times of Amanita Nightshade),

“Amanita Nightshade’s carefully cultivated look makes every other flower in the garden of style look like a weed by comparison….Amanita loves being adored and celebrated for her inherent beauty – both inside and out”

And talk about confidence! This gal’s got tons:

“Amanita believes there is nothing so wonderful as the sound of her own voice, but there are many who feel that perhaps their voices are equally important. Amanita has spent many years pondering this and yet still sees little merit in that argument.”

And who, according to her diary, is Amanita’s BFF? Why, none other than Amanita Nightshade herself. This makes me feel kind of sorry for her. Is she so obnoxious that no one else likes her, or does she truly believe that she’s her own best company?

Amanita is a deluxe doll, which means she comes with a diary, hairbrush, and stand. Her accessories include a cell phone, a purse, and a school binder.


Here’s a closeup of her binder. It’s probably full of her notes for her classes at Monster High, right?


Wrong! Here’s what Amanita carries around in her binder:


So clearly Amanita is a bit of a narcissist. But even if Amanita doesn’t have a BFF, she does, in true Monster High fashion, have a pet – “an adoring maggot who is die-rling as both pet and accessory.” I’m not sure which accessory is the maggot, though. I don’t think it’s her necklace, and her hair accessory looks like a corpse flower.

Check out her pointy ears

Check out her pointy ears

Amanita’s side-parted hair is long, full, and wavy. It’s a bright shade of purple with iridescent violet streaks throughout.

Does she use Clairol Herbal Essence Shampoo?

Does she use Clairol Herbal Essence Shampoo?

Her skin tone is green. She has unique eye makeup, with her eyes lined with leaves. Her lips are a pale shade of purple.


I really love her dress. It’s very ethereal, a crepey, gauzy little number with a wrap bodice, capped sleeves and ruffles. It reminds me of Lily Munster’s dress.

But hidden underneath the gauzy overskirt is a leather miniskirt. I guess she really does have a carefully cultivated fashion sense.


Amanita’s shoes are black strappy sandals in the style of corpse flowers, adorned with blossoms and vines.



Her purse also looks like a corpse flower, minus the blossom.


Amanita is a very pretty doll. I love her makeup and hair, and I’m really digging her dress (get it? Digging? ‘Cuz she’s a plant?!). The plant theme and the leaves and flowers on it make me ready for Spring, which hopefully is right around the corner (it’s snowing as I write this). Some of the new Monster High characters can seem like a bit of a stretch, as if Mattel is running out of ideas (Jane Boolittle, anyone?), but I think having the daughter of the corpse flower is a nice addition to the Monster High gang. I’m just curious as to how they’re going to “use” Amanita in the webisodes or movies.

What do you think of Amanita? Do you have her? Do you want her? Do you like her? Discuss!



4 thoughts on “Monster High Amanita Nightshade

  1. CrankySarah

    It’s been a ridiculously busy couple of months for everyone, I think.

    IIRC, Gloom and Bloom Cleo’s diary had all sorts of terrible things to say about Amanita. The two of them apparently had a falling out back in the day. Odds are that she’ll be the new mean girl if/when she turns up onscreen, especially seeing as Toralei has gotten all squishy.

    As for the doll, I’m not really feeling her, myself. She’s very pretty, but kinda generically so. (Are all of the plant ghouls gonna be green?) Not that I’m not looking forward to Elle Edee when she comes out, but it feels like Mattel is pushing too hard on the new character front – I’d like to see them focus more on some of their core characters, instead.

    1. ghouliette Post author

      I wonder if Amanita’s diary goes into the falling-out. To be honest, her diary is so wordy (in keeping with her personality) that I haven’t read it all. I’ll have to go back and read it.

  2. barbielea

    Ah Lily Munster!! I’ve been trying to think where I’ve seen that dress before … Thanks …

    I’m not sure about whether I’m going to get her. She’s is very lovely, but I don’t particularly care for the leaves around her eyes and she’s just not got that “gotta have her” thing going on for me. I’m not even sure why.


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