Our First Makies



If you read our previous post, you saw what a very dolly Christmas Ghoulia13 and I had. The dolls we were most excited to receive were Makies. Makies are 3-D-printed dolls that are manufactured in London, England. They’re 10 inches tall and made of a sturdy nylon plastic, and are jointed like BJD dolls. Makies are fully customizable. You can choose the hair color and eye color, the skin tone, and the shapes of the features, using the website in much the same way you would create an avatar or a SIMS character. You then pick an outfit. Other outfits and accessories are sold separately. We (Ghoulia13 and Ghouliette) had been on the fence about Makies for a while, but when we saw they were having a 25% off Black Friday sale, we made up our minds and ordered each other a Makie for Christmas. Here is our joint review of our Makies.


Each Makie comes in its own black tube. This is a very clever way to package a doll, as it saves space and is very sturdy, and it can be placed in a large Priority mailing envelope rather than a box. Makies arrive with a very light face-up, done in watercolor pencil. If you want to customize your Makie’s face-up, you can request the face be left bare. You can also request that the wig not be glued to the head of the doll, in case you order several wigs and want to interchange them. There was some confusion as to whether the Makies came with shoes or not. We’re happy to report that they do, in fact, come with shoes.

Ghouliette says: My Makie’s name is Jolene. This is what my digitial prototype from the website looked like:

jolene digital

And this is what my actual doll looks like:


As you can see, the hair color on my actual doll is different from the digital design. I wanted my doll to have natural-looking red hair, but on my computer monitor, the auburn color looked like a light brown, so I didn’t realize that auburn was an option and I chose the Bozo-the-Clown-red color. Then I saw pictures of other peoples’ Makies with auburn red hair. The night that I placed my order, I emailed Makies customer service. I asked them if they could switch the wigs to the auburn color (called “Amy.” which makes me wonder if it’s in reference to Amy Pond, the 11th Doctor Who’s companion). They replied the next day saying they would make a note on my order to switch wigs. Sure enough, my doll arrived with the “Amy” wig in the natural auburn color. Ghoulia13 and I have heard good things about Makie customer service, and we were not disappointed.


I ordered a pair of nerd spectacles for Jolene, because I wear glasses too and honestly, I wanted my Makie to be my Mini Me.



Makies have a panel in their backs for those who want to hack their dolls, like adding electronics to them. We’re no good at hacking (and I couldn’t get the panel cover off), but we’re satisfied with our Makies just the way they are.


Jolene got Christmas presents of her own. She’s a big fan of Care Bears, My Little Pony, and Littlest Pet Shop.


Ghoulia13 says: My Makie’s name is Priscilla. This is what my digitial prototype from the website looked like:

priscilla digital

I chose the bubblegum pink long bob for my Makie. I wanted my doll to have cartoon-character hair instead of a natural color. They say blonds have more fun, but I think pinks have even more fun.


I also purchased a pair of black nerd glasses for my Makie because I wear glasses. I have a special place in my heart for dolls with glasses, and I love that Makies has several options available in lots of styles and colors. Like Ghouliette, I also have a couple of prototypes saved on the Makies website for future production.


Ghouliette says: We put the Makie tubes under the tree until Christmas Day, when we opened them. But here’s what the girls got up to under the tree after we opened them:

Jolene and Priscilla can't reach that candy cane. Get out of the way Twist and Turn Barbie!

Jolene and Priscilla can’t reach that candy cane. Get out of the way Twist and Turn Barbie!

Until they got the idea to push their tubes together. Clever girls.

Until they got the idea to push their tubes together. Clever girls.



Almost there!

Almost there!



So what do we think of our Makies?

Ghouliette: I really love mine. She’s super-cute and very sturdy. Her hair is very soft and is a good-quality wig. Her clothes are cute, and I’m looking forward to ordering more clothes and shoes for her from the Makies website. I’m also looking forward to raiding my other dolls’ wardrobes to see what fits her. I’m tempted to customize her more by adding more color to her face and adding eyelashes, but she’s so cute as she is that I’m afraid I might mess her up, so I might just leave her alone! I’ve already designed a couple more Makies on the Makie website, and with Ghoulia13’s and my birthday right around the corner, we might just get each other another Makie soon.

Ghoulia13: I love my Makie, too. I’m very pleased with how she turned out. She’s very close to the digital prototype from the Makies website. The hair is pretty and it feels nice and soft. My one little quibble is that the bangs were way too long and very uneven right out of the tube; they ended well below Priscilla’s eyes. I needed to do a quick trim. I do wish there was a touch more color on the face; the understated look is very pretty, but I wouldn’t mind a little more color on the lips and cheeks. But Priscilla is very cute, very posable, and fun to play with. I love the idea of a custom doll made to my specifications. This is my first Makie, but it won’t be my last.

Makies are fully articulated. You can pose them all sorts of ways!


Like us, Jolene and Priscilla are sisters. Sistahs! 



Jolene and Priscilla are glad to be out of those tubes and to be let loose around their new home. Priscilla, in particular, went a little wild. What did she do? Why, she rocked out of course.



Priscilla loves to Jam (and to listen to The Jam).


Do you have a Makie? Are you thinking about getting one? Let us know what you think of them!


4 thoughts on “Our First Makies

  1. samseramsamsam

    Makies are great, and, as most dolliehs, totally addicting. Currently, I only own one, but once I have satisfied my needs for an MSD girl, I will surely go back and order a chocolate coloured one 🙂
    I really look forward to seeing more from your girls!
    And a face up really adds to the Makie, a lovely customizer did one on mine, and she turned out gorgeous! If you seal with MSC before starting, you can always wipe off again. The lashes on my Zirelly are glued in, but you can take off the glue again if you feel like it. Now that I know a bit more about face up, on the next Makie I would try my hand, because they surely are sturdy enough to “survive” many things you couldn’t get away with on a resin doll.

    Have fun with your girls! And keep on posting pictures 😉

    1. ghouliette Post author

      Thank you for the advice on face-ups. I might just get up the courage to add eyelashes. And we’ll definitely post more pictures, of out current and future Makies (because we’re already planning our next ones!).


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