Monster High Lorna McNessie


Lorna McNessie is part of the new line of Monster Exchange dolls. The line features two new characters: Marisol Coxil, daughter of Bigfoot, and Lorna McNessie, daughter of the Loch Ness Monster. I purchased Lorna because I love all things Scottish, and of course, I couldn’t resist that red hair.

Lorna is 14 years old and hails from the frightlands of Rotland. She loves to photobomb people. I can see how that could get kind of annoying, but when Lorna does it, it’s adorable!

The Monster Exchange line of dolls introduces Mattel’s new direction in artwork for the Monster High line. The box features a large picture of Lorna on the back which takes up about two-thirds of the back of the box, with her biographical details taking up the lower third.


There’s also a picture of Lorna on the side of the box, so you could tell which doll it is if the box was stored sideways.


Because Lorna is 14 years old, her doll is the “tween” size, just like Howleen and Twyla. Her skin is a bright aqua, with scales and fins on her arms and legs.


She has a long tail in back.


Her face is glittery, although it’s a little hard to tell from the photos.


Her hands are webbed, just like Lagoona’s and Gil’s.


Because she’s from Rotland, Lorna is rocking a tartan tam o’shanter, jauntily tilted on one side of her head like hats from the 1930s.


And her hair is a mass of strawberry blond long curls with blond highlights, with larger, darker curls around her head and face that are reminiscent of Victory Rolls from the 1940s. So Lorna has kind of a retro vibe about her.


She wears a dress featuring a red top with a large diamond pattern, with ruffled sleeves, paired with a wrap skirt featuring the Loch Ness monster on it. Her wide black belt has two suspender straps that, inexplicably, are both folded over to one side. I thought one side might have been accidentally moved over, but the two straps are one molded piece of plastic.


That seems odd to me. I think it would have been cooler if her belt had a suspender strap on each shoulder. Oh well. Her shoes are black and lace up in the front in an open pattern, much like Scottish dancing shoes. The heels are large platforms made to look like bricks. I think they’re supposed to reflect the ruins of Castle Urquhart on the shores of Loch Ness, but I could be wrong. Otherwise, I’m not sure why her heels are made of bricks.


Lorna comes with a purse, a miniature passport that’s to scale for the doll, and a large passport.


Her passport is adorable. The first page has all her perts, but then it turns into the standard diary that you find with other first-wave Monster High dolls.


Her handbag is large. Maybe it’s supposed to be luggage, like those large circular suitcases popular in the 1960s (again, retro vibe). The purse features a Celtic fretwork design with a Loch Ness Monster motif in the center. It opens and closes.


So what do I think of Lorna? She’s really cute. I’ve been waiting for her to come out in stores since seeing preview pics of her from San Diego Comic Con this past summer. As I said, I love Scotland, so I’m very happy to add this wee Rottish lass to my collection. Just look at her. She’s adorable.


What do you think of Lorna McNessie? Do you have any of the Monster Exchange dolls?

And here’s Lorna’s Monster High webisode intro, so you can get to know her better:


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