Monster High Student Lounge

A few months ago I saw two small Monster High playsets on Mattel’s online store that I had never heard of before, let alone seen. They were the Monster High Student Lounge and Creepeteria Social Spots playsets. They were the same size as the Home Ick and Art Class classroom sets. Each came wtih a few pieces of furniture and several small accessories to go with them.  Man, I wanted those playsets! Both sets were out of stock at the time, and remained out of stock for a very long time. I signed up for email alerts and checked the website periodically, but nothing happened. I assumed they were so popular that I began to think I would never get my hands on either playset.


Until I hit my local Target. One day, on the bottom shelf in the Monster High section, was one of each. Just one. I grabbed the Student Lounge playset and took it over to the price scanner. I’ve found that sometimes the toys I want scan in at lower prices than advertised on the shelves. The Student Lounge playset that was advertised at $21? It rung up at $6.27!! That’s SIX DOLLARS AND TWENTY-SEVEN CENTS! The scanner said “medium MH playset” so I ran back to the aisle and grabbed the Creepeteria playset. It also rang up at $6.27. Needless to say I ran to the register with both sets. To date this has been my best Monster High score ever! That’s two playsets for less than the price of one!

It was a deal so outrageous that Ghouliette ventured out of her way to a more distant Target store to see if they had any in stock. She, too, snagged one of each for $6.27. Double twin score!!


Aw, look at Slo Mo having trouble counting out change for a snack. Bless. Although now I think about it, it’s kind of mean. Making fun of zombies is mean. Is it an indictment on the modern educational system?


The Student Lounge comes with a foosball table, a love seat, a vending machine with several juice and soda bottles, two pieces of fruit and a candy bar, a small laptop, a milk carton, and an iCoffin. The foosball players look like little mummies as far as I can tell. The love seat has some nice spider web detailing on the seat cushions and on the frame.

The pieces are made out of solid plastic and are nice and sturdy. The foosball table legs could be a tad sturdier (sigh. see just about every post I’ve ever written…) but it holds up well on its own. That’s probably because it doesn’t have any dolls sitting on it. The love seat legs are sturdy and I have no fears placing dolls on it, unlike some of the Barbie chairs I’ve bought. i wonder why the Monster High chairs are so much stronger than the Barbie chairs…

Today’s review features several recent releases that I should have blogged about separately, but probably won’t at this point because too much time has passed. I’m kind of pushing it with the Lounge playset as it is. Sorry. Those dolls are the Manster two-pack of Gill Webber and Deuce Gorgon, and the Operetta I Love Accessories doll.

Anyway…I’m gonna play with all my toys now!


Here we see Invisibilly grabbing a candy bar and soda from the vending machine, while Operetta surfs the web. The lounge is a lot more fun when it’s full of happy students unwinding after class. Well, Heath isn’t too happy. He keeps calling “I play winners” but Gill and Deuce are hogging the foosball table and won’t let him play the winner. So sad.


How cute is this vending machine?? I love how it mimics a real vending machine. The door opens so you can put the snacks inside. There are purple knobs to the right of the machine, one for each shelf. You turn the knob and the shelf drops away, dropping the snack to the slot below. Clever, eh?


These little soda bottles are adorable.


What does Invsibilly want to eat?

The foosball table has working soccer players, or whatever, operated by the pink and green knobs. There’s probably some Monster-themed name for this other than foosball, but I haven’t come across it. The packaging refers to it as a “game table.”


These playsets, with their attention to detail and clever monster-themed variants on everyday life, are where the Monster High playline excels. Each item in the Student Lounge is a fully working toy, for hours of fun for any Monster High fan, no matter how old they are. *whistles innocently*


Whos winning? It’s up to you.

By the way, both playsets have long since returned to, and have remained in stock ever since, along with other once-hard-to-find items, like Invisibilly.

Let’s enjoy some shots of Operetta relaxing in the lounge, sitting on a love seat that, coincidentally, matches her ensemble perfectly, and one of her showing off her awesome tatts.


i liked ping pong and the bumper pool table in my student lounge. But foosball is okay, too. What was/is your favorite student lounge activity? Tell us in the comments!


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