Fun With Frozen Friends–Now With More Sven!

Ghoulia13 here. Today’s the day after Thanksgiving, and I’m chilling (ha!!) at home today. It’s cold outside, but warm indoors, and I’ve been relaxing in front of the tv all day with my dog. There’s a pot of homemade nutty sweet potato soup on the stove, leftovers from my Mom’s Thanksgiving dinner in the oven, and a doll review underway. All is right with the world. Today’s post is about something near and dear to my heart–Frozen. Yes, again! Deal with it! As if there weren’t enough Frozen toys out there in the run-up to the holidays, Walmart has done something so unique, so radical, it’s a move that’s sure to send Frozen fans through their doors screaming “TAKE MY MONEY! TAKE MY MONEY!” They’ve added a Sven.  I’ll just let that sink in for a minute.

The Frozen Friends collection is a Walmart exclusive gift set manufactured by Mattel. It comes with Elsa, Anna, Olaf and Sven. The princess dolls are very basic versions of the Mattel dolls already on the market, while Sven and Olaf are solid plastic with some painted details. The set retails for $39.00.


Our Frozen friends are packaged in quite a large box with pictures of the animated characters on the front…


and a photo of the dolls themselves on the back in front of a wintery outdoor landscape.

The princesses are, as I said, very basic dolls. They’re not fully articulated. They’re made out of solid plastic, so their legs do not bend. Their arms and legs move back and forth and can rotate outwards, but that’s about it.


Here’s the whole gang, surrounded by glittery snow. Ironically, it actually snowed this morning, but it didn’t stick to the ground, so there wasn’t a good outdoor photo opp to be had. But this fake Target snow has glitter in it, so, you know…! Frozen Friends is a nice set of dolls. But I have to admit it was Sven and Olaf that pulled me in.  Let’s put Anna and Elsa aside for now, I really want to talk about Sven first! Just look at this face:


Isn’t Sven adorable? Just look at those big brown, slightly vacant eyes!


Sven’s a hefty fellow, with large, nicely detailed antlers. He wears a glittery bright red harness. All the details are spot-on, from the antlers to the fur around his neck, to the hooves that are all positioned differently. Mattel really hit a home run with Sven.


Olaf is as endearingly goofy as ever. He’s one piece of solid plastic. Sven and Olaf have flat feet/hooves and can stand on their own. I think Sven and Olaf are the best double-act in Disney since Pumbaa and Timon from The Lion King.

Now, on to our favorite Nordic sisters. I like these dolls, but there are so many other Elsa and Anna dolls that give a lot more bang for the buck.  The girls are dressed in simple versions of their main outfits from the movie. Anna wears her travel outfit (minus the cape and hat) and Elsa’s dressed in her ice palace dress. Except for the skirts, their clothes are molded plastic that has been painted. Only the skirts are made out of fabric, and pretty cheap fabric at that.


Anna’s skirt is made from a crepe-like, almost papery fabric, while Elsa’s skirt is made from stretchy synthetic fabric.


When you buy a skirt with a print on it, is there a printed design on the front only? I  thought not…

I do like the bodices each sister wears. They’re both detailed with glitter, with the traditional colors associated with each sister. The dolls’ sleeves each have detailing on them: Elsa has little snowflakes running down her sleeves, while Anna has a molded collar and cuffs on her blouse. Try as I might, I wan’t able to zoom in and get detailed photos that weren’t blurry. My camera definitely has its limitations. You can see some of the detailing here:


Is there anything I love about their clothes? Yes!


I love their shoes! Elsa has translucent ice-blue pumps, while Anna sports a pair of smart pointed-toe boots. Her boots continue the traditional Nordic rosmalling design on her skirt. You can sort of see the details on her boots in the photo above. The dolls are not able to stand on their own.

I lucked out when I bought this set. Although it retails for $39.00, the rollback price on the sign above the display was incorrectly marked at $29.00 when I bought this. The manager gave me the lower price (they sorta kinda have to!) at the register, then ran to the display to correct the price. Oh well, I was able to save a little money, since I bought two sets–one for me and one for Ghouliette to put under the Christmas tree. It’s OK, she was there when I bought them. Because it’s all about sisterhood, isn’t it?!


You can see here how different Anna is from Elsa. Elsa’s complexion is paler than Anna’s as is typical. Anna has a much larger head, while Elsa has a much longer neck.Their tiaras are held in place by “invisible” elastics.

This is a nice set for kids, because, when you get right down to it, it’s not intended for the adult collector who will judge it by all the other Frozen toys out there. The box proclaims that fans can now recreate their favorite scenes from the movie, and you know what? We totally can.

So what do you think of Frozen Friends? Is the price a little steep for the quality? Or is it worth it to get Sven? Let us know what you think in the comments!


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