Frozen Coronation Two-Pack from JC Penney


Squee!!!!!!!!  This weekend in JC Penney I found the Frozen Coronation Two-Pack ($25).  I always check the JC Penney Disney section when I’m in there to see what they have. They haven’t had any Frozen dolls since Christmas of last year, with the exception of Hans, which I picked up a few months after the movie came out when the only Frozen doll they had was Hans, for obvious reasons. This weekend they had the Classic Anna as well as Kristoff, who I also picked up because I didn’t have Kristoff yet.The sales assistant told me they had sold the last Elsa earlier that morning. The Coronation 2-pack just came out in October. I had no idea it existed, but I know it won’t be on the shelves for too much longer before it sells out, so I bought one.


The Frozen 2-Pack features Anna and Elsa in their fancy dresses – Elsa in her coronation gown and Anna in her evening gown that she wore for the coronation. Since I couldn’t afford the limited edition Elsa and Anna coronation dolls from the Disney Store, I was happy to find a more affordable alternative.


If the Disney Store versions of your favorite princesses are sold out, the JC Penney dolls are closer to them than the Mattel Disney princess dolls. The Mattel dolls have different face molds and cheaper clothing and accessories. The Penney dolls are basically the Disney dolls, but with less articulation, fewer accessories, and less attention to detail in the clothing.


The JC Penney dolls don’t have articulated arms that bend at the elbows like the Disney Store dolls. Their legs bend at the knees, but they feature soft vinyl legs with the click-and-bend feature, and they only bend one click. Their legs are rubbery and make the doll look bowl-legged, but you can’t see them under the long skirts.

It seems to be a pattern of the Disney store to release a second-issue of a princess doll in a glittery dress. They did this to Merida, and the Anna and Elsa coronation dolls feature very glittery skirts. So much glitter, in fact that the legs of both dolls were wrapped in tissue to keep the glitter from transferring to the legs of the dolls – unsuccessfully, as it turned out. Excessive glitter is one of my pet peeves in doll clothes, but considering it’s Anna and Elsa in their coronation outfits, I can overlook the glitter. I’m just happy to have the girls with their coronation updo’s.







Elsa’s coronation gown features the black neckline and long black sleeves paired with the blue gown with a strapless sweetheart neckline. Being a more basic doll, it doesn’t feature her coronation robes or her tiara. I don’t mind these omissions, but I do wish the doll came with the ice blue opera-length gloves she wore to keep her powers in check. I might have to get some Barbie gloves and embroider a tiny snowflake on each one.


Anna’s gown features the off-the-shoulder wide straps on a black bodice and green skirt. I particularly like the attention to detail in the black ribbon she wore as a choker around her neck.


Now that I have an Anna in her coronation evening gown, I can recreate “Love is an Open Door” with my JC Penney Classic Hans.

Love is an open doo-ooo-ooo-ooor

Love is an open doo-ooo-ooo-ooor

Anna: "Can I say something crazy?" Hans: "I love crazy."

Anna: “Can I say something crazy?”
Hans: “I love crazy.”

They make such a cute couple. It's too bad that, well, you know...

They make such a cute couple. It’s too bad that, well, you know…

Although I find the JC Penney Coronation 2-pack dolls to be a bit lacking in articulation and attention to detail, I do still love them. I’d highly recommend them for any little girls who are Frozen fanatics. If you want to get these dolls, run, don’t walk, to your nearest JC Penney’s. As of this writing the 2-pack is still available on JC Penney online. For now, anyway.

Do you love Frozen? Do you have the coronation 2-pack? We’d love to hear what you think.



3 thoughts on “Frozen Coronation Two-Pack from JC Penney

    1. ghouliette Post author

      Maybe they’ll be released in Asua this year? Frozen is so popular. I hope you find them 💙😊

  1. Anna&ElsaLover

    I bought this 2 pack today at my JCP and they’re so awesome! I also have the Disney Store Mini 4 Pack with Kristoff, Hans and Anna and Elsa in the same outfits as the JCP dolls. The minis and the JCP dolls look so alike and it’s sooo cute! Great review!


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