Monster High Freaky Fusion Save Frankie Draculaura and Jackson


Mattel has really gone all out for the release of the new Monster High DVD, Freaky Fusion. There are four separate lines of dolls, as well as the Catacombs and Recharge Chamber playsets. The four lines are kind of confusing, because two of them aren’t found in the movie. Unlike the Scaris line of dolls, which were true to the characters in the movie, only the Hybrids (Neighthan, Bonita, Avea, and Sirena) and the Fused (Cleo/Toralei, Robecca/Draculaura, Lagoona/Jinafire, and Clawdeen/Venus) collections of dolls represent characters in the movie. The other two lines just seem like add-ons. One line features Frankie, Ghoulia, Operetta, and Scarah dressed like other Monster High characters, but they weren’t actually fused with them in the movie. The fourth line is called Save Frankie. It features Jackson, Clawdeen, and Draculaura, and it is exclusive to Walmart. I purchased Draculaura and Jackson.


The Save Frankie Draculaura is really pretty, but it doesn’t represent Draculaura as she appeared in the movie. The back of the box gives the illusion that the characters hold signs in the movie as they rally around Frankie, but they don’t. Heck, you don’t even see Jackson until the last five minutes of the movie.


Save Frankie Draculaura comes with a stand, a hairbrush, a bracelet that you can wear (I can’t – it’s child-sized), a sign, and a flyer/leaflet.


Draculaura’s trademark heart birthmark on her face features stitches, in honor of Frankie.



She wears a “Save Frankie” graphic t-shirt that is reminiscent of the punk and new wave graphic t’s of the Eighties.


Her shoes also pay tribute to Frankie. They feature Frankie’s trademark stitches design.


In addition to the large sign that Draculaura can hold to rally around Frankie, she also comes with a tiny slip of paper that looks like it’s a leaflet or flyer.

Won't you Save Frankie?

Won’t you Save Frankie?

I guess she can hand out the leaflets at Monster High.

Guys, we've got to save Frankie!

Guys, we’ve got to save Frankie!

This Draculaura is really pretty. I love her high ponytail with the yellow bow in front. Her face doesn’t look much different from other versions of Draculaura, but when she’s holding the leaflet or the sign to rally to save Frankie, as in the photos above, her facial expression takes on a sort of pathos, as if she’s really worried about her friend. Or maybe I’m just reading too much into dolls’ expressions and I need to get out of the house more.


Like Draculaura, Save Frankie Jackson is also ready to help save Frankie. He comes with the same accessories as Draculaura, but the bracelet is blue to match his outfit.


Jackson comes with hexagonal-shaped glasses…


…but I prefer him without them.


I think the Save Frankie Jackson is quite possibly the best-looking Jackson so far. I’d love to get some of the glue out of his hair and mess it up some more, but for now I’ll leave it as it is. Jackson also pays tribute to Frankie by sporting stitches on his cheek, just like Frankie does.


He also comes with a sign and a flyer.


The Save Frankie Draculaura and Jackson dolls are fun, even if they’re not really canon to the Freaky Fusion movie. I don’t have the recharge chamber, but I thought I’d recreate my own ending to the film.

Draculaura: We've got to save Frankie

Draculaura: We’ve got to save Frankie

Jackson: Come back to us, Frankie

Jackson: Come back to us, Frankie

Do you have any of the Freaky Fusion dolls? Have you seen the movie yet?


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