My Little Pony Equestria Girls Store Exclusives: Pinkie Pie’s Boutique and Zecora


Last Spring I purchased my first Equestria Girl doll. It was the Pinkie Pie Boutique doll, a Target exclusive. I hadn’t planned on getting into Equestria Girls (or My Little Pony, for that matter, but that didn’t work out as planned), but I had read online about the “Goth Pinkie Pie,” so-called because she wore a lot of black, and it was only available at Target. So the next time I went to Target, I checked it out, and even though I had vowed never to buy anything My Little Pony-related, I ended up taking home the Goth Pinkie Pie. I thought she was cute, and I liked her black and pink outfits and accessories.



The Equestria Girl Pinkie Pie Boutique set comes with a Pinkie Pie doll, a second outfit complete with shoes and a purse, a hairbrush, and a clip-in ponytail that you can wear! It also comes with a Pinkie Pie Club Card.




“Goth” Pinkie Pie has streaks of black in her mass of long pink tresses. She wears an off-one-shoulder black top with hearts on it and a pink glittery skirt, paired with cool black boots with a heart on each one. When I saw her in the store, I thought her face was really cute, and I liked that her pink skirt was glittery. That kind of sold me on her. Here she is out of the box.


The first thing I noticed about her was that her hair was a mess. It was tangled and uneven, and came out in small clumps. From the back you can see how messy it is. Even brushing it with the included brush didn’t help much. She also has a section that’s longer than the rest of the hair. Is this a defect, or is it supposed to be simulating her tail? Either way, it looks terrible.



The other thing I’m not happy about is the articulation. Her arms are jointed at the elbows as well as the shoulder, and at the knees as well as the hips, but the joint is cheap and clumsy. They’re not the ball joint that Monster High dolls have. Her arms and legs bend awkwardly, and they don’t rotate in the joint like Monster High dolls can. The result looks alot like Elaine from Seinfeld when she dances at her office Christmas party:



Goth Pinkie Pie comes with a second dress. Its pink with a black skirt featuring a pattern that reflects her balloon cutie-mark. She also has a second pair of shoes, pink, and a wristlet, black, to complete the ensemble.



I bought the Equestria Girl Ponymania Zecora doll last weekend. She retailed for $20 and is a Toys R Us exclusive. I had not yet opened my Goth Pinkie Pie doll, so I didn’t realize how poor the quality of Equestria Girls was compared to other dolls in that price point. Besides, I really liked her mohawk! I already had a Goth My Little Pony, so I had to get the Punk My Little Pony too.



Zecora is like the shaman of Ponyville, and her style is infused with African and tribal details, such as her earrings, bracelets and necklace. She’s more of a zebra than a pony (according to MLP Wiki, the word “zecora” was, but is no longer, the word used for zebra by the Oromo people of east Africa.) Zecora wears a black “leather” jacket and a black and white top with a classic pattern reminiscent of Rococo fabric. She also wears a pink circle miniskirt over a slim black-and-white striped minkiskirt that is evocative of her zebra stripes yet also punk, and yellow open-toed boots.


Her accessories are minimal. She comes with a second pair of boots that are pink, and, like Goth Pinkie Pie, a clip-in ponytail for me and you.



Like Pinkie Pie, I also think Zecora is really cute, but I’m also disappointed in her quality. Whereas Pinkie PIe has cheap articulation, Zecora has very limited articulation. Her arms and legs don’t bend. The plastic feels heavier than Pinkie Pie’s because her limbs aren’t jointed, so her body feels like it’s sturdier than Pinkie Pie’s, but I do like more articulation in a doll. Zecora’s limbs are articulated at the shoulders and the hips, however, to the point where her right arms sticks straight out and won’t stay down. I think it’s just the jacket that’s making her arm stick out. When I pulled her jacket down I was able to put her arm down, but when I pulled the jacket back on her arm went up a bit again. The jacket is difficult to completely remove because it’s sewn to the shirt and I didn’t feel like completely undressing Zecora, but her arm would stay down if I took off her jacket.


She does have a pretty face, though, and I love her mohawk hairstyle.


Her mohawk is shaved on one side, while the other side has a large black curl against her face with some purple highlights at the tips.




So what do I think about the My Little Pony Equestria Girls? I think they’re adorable in terms of their faces and their outfits, but I’m disappointed in the poor quality of the dolls. The prices for the Equestria Girls are comparable to Monster High dolls, yet they have limited or no articulation. Goth Pinkie Pie’s hair was a mess and her articulation is cheap. Plus, she doesn’t have feet. She has a peg at the end of her legs that snap into her shoes, just like Moxie Girls. I think it’s cutting corners to make a doll without feet. At least Zecora has feet, but she has no elbow or knee joints, making for very limited posing opportunities. To be honest, I had more fun playing with the My Little Pony Pop Kits than I had with the Equestria Girls. The next time I’m at Toys R Us or Target, I might just bypass the Equestria Girls and head over to the Monster High aisle.

Pinkie Pie  eyes Zecora with jealousy because she's got feet.

Pinkie Pie eyes Zecora with jealousy because she’s got feet.

Do you have any Equestria Girls? What do you think of them?


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