My Little Pony Pop Kits and the Princess Celebration Bakery Set


My name is Ghouliette, and I’m a My Little Pony fan. I hadn’t intended to be. It started innocently enough. I bought one or two vintage My Little Ponies because they reminded me of the Eighties. Even though I was in high school at the time and too old to play with them, I bought them purely out of nostalgia. That, in turn, led to the habit of watching the My Little Pony Friendship is Magic cartoons. To be honest, I can only watch two episodes at a time before I feel my blood sugar levels soar to diabetic proportions, but it was enough to make me start checking out the My Little Pony aisles on my regular toy store runs. So when I saw the new MLP Pop Kits, I was intrigued.

The MLP Pop Kits are available in Starter kits, which come with one pony and a sticker sheet, Style kits, which include additional mane and tail options, and Deluxe style kits, which include two ponies. But it was the Pop Pinkie Pie Sweet Shoppe Playset that reeled me in. I love playsets that come with baked goods, and the Pinkie Pie Sweet Shoppe was just too adorable to pass up. It includes a Pop Pinkie Pie, which is also available as a separate Starter Kit. While I was at it I also snapped up the Style Pop Kits for Zecora and Rainbow Dash.

The Pop Kits consist of plastic pieces that, as the name implies, you pop out of the frame and snap together. So it’s really Pop and Snap (no Crackle, though…*chirp, chirp*). They remind me of those model plane or monster kits that I would see at the 5 and 10 when I was a kid.




The Sweet Shoppe basic structure consists of the front and sides of the shop, the roof, and the base, which are not pop-out pieces. It’s very easy to assemble them, thanks to an instruction sheet which is included. Pretty pink bunting is also not a pop-out piece.



Now the fun really begins. You can accessorize the sweet shoppe with the pop-out pieces, as well as stickers. You can choose between pink or blue doors and windows.


It was a tough choice. I really liked the heart-shaped openings in the blue door and windows, plus the little owl in the small lancet window. In the end, though, I went with the pink doors and windows because I liked the color better.


Then you add two more pieces to the roof. To be honest, I’m kind of confused as to what they are. What is the purple thing? Is it a chimney? I thought the yellow thing was a smokestack because it has three small smokestacks on the top, but it also has windows. Is it supposed to be a tower of some sort?


You also add windowboxes and flowers to the sides of the house.


Next, add other accessories, including small heart-shaped-pretzel decorations to the roof, as well as a hanging sign, front steps, and a post on either side of the house. You also add a mailbox, and giant lollipops and candy canes to the front. Lastly, add stickers to the front and sides of the house.


Now it’s time to build Pinkie Pie. Pinkie Pie comes in two halves, with a sticker sheet, a mane, and a tail.


It was easy as pie – Pinkie Pie, that is – to assemble Pinkie without looking at the instructions. Just snap the two halves together, add the mane and the tail, and customize with the cool stickers.

Ta da!

Ta da!

Here’s Pinkie Pie in front of her Sweet Shoppe. Her friends Pop Zecora and Pop Rainbow Dash joined her for the Grand Opening.


I was disappointed to discover when I got home that the Sweet Shoppe comes unfurnished. I didn’t realize that there is a “decorator” Pop Kit that you have to buy separately to furnish the shop: the Pinkie Pie Bakery Decorator Kit. Actually, it’s pictured on the side of the Pop Kit Sweet Shoppe box, but I didn’t notice it in the store! So I went back to the store later that day to get the bakery decorator kit. The box also depicts a Fluttershy Cottage Decorator Kit, although I have yet to see a Fluttershy Cottage Pop Kit either online or in stores (not even on the official Hasbro website). Maybe we can use the Sweet Shoppe as a Cottage if we decorate it with the Fluttershy cottage kit instead of the Pinkie Pie bakery kit? But as I held the Pinkie Pie Bakery Decorator Kit in my hand, something else caught my eye. Something better: the Princess Celebration Bakery Set.


It had an oven and table just like the Pinkie Pie Bakery Decorator Set, but it also included more baked goods and baking utensils than the Pinkie Pie set, plus it also had Mrs. Dazzle Cake and Twirly Treats! And Mrs. Dazzle Cake is wearing a chef’s hat. A chef’s hat, people!


How I wanted to put them in the Pinkie Pie Sweet Shoppe. So I put the Pinkie Pie Bakery Decorator Set back and snagged the Princess Celebration set. And I have no regrets, because Mrs. D. and Twirly Treats look right at home in the Pinkie Pie Sweet Shoppe.




Were there any toy or doll lines you swore you’d never get into, only to become a fan and collector?


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