For the Love of Tulabelle


When I reviewed French Kissed Tulabelle in my last post, I mentioned that I didn’t quite feel the same excitement that I felt with my other Tulabelles. So today I did a major photo session with all four of my Tulabelles and I think I figured out what the problem was. When I compared the three Tulabelles from the 2013 debut collection, J’Adore, Violet Femme, and Pomp and Circumstance, to French Kissed, I noticed that the face-up is a bit different for French Kissed. French Kissed has eyelashes painted on her lower lashes, giving her a more “adult,” made-up look. The 2013 Tulabelles don’t have lower eyelashes.


French Kissed also has heavier eyebrows, thus contributing to her more dramatic appearance compared to the 2013 dolls. Her eyebrows before the arch are thicker, and after the arch, they’re shorter and don’t extend to the outer corner of the eyelid like they do on the 2013 dolls.


That being said, I’m feeling more love for French Kissed than I did when I originally photographed her. Maybe it’s because the lighting was better today and I’m pleased with the photos I took. And photographing her with her “sisters” was a lot of fun. French Kissed is really pretty, although I think I still prefer Tulabelle with simpler makeup and clothing. Tulabelle is supposed to be a teenager, after all, and I thought the 2013 collection was simple yet funky. The 2014 collection makes Tulabelle too grown-up and sophisticated. But I do still love her.

What do you think of the difference in face-ups? Which do you prefer?

French Kissed Tulabelle

French Kissed Tulabelle

J'Adore Tulabelle

J’Adore Tulabelle

Pomp and Circumstance Tulabelle

Pomp and Circumstance Tulabelle

Violet Femme Tulabelle

Violet Femme Tulabelle


2 thoughts on “For the Love of Tulabelle

  1. braxton

    Hi Ghouliette,
    Just like you, I am a huge fan of Tulabelle. She has such a lovely look and super fun costuming. I have recently purchased my first Tulabelle and am eagerly waiting for her arrival; I researched eBay for hours and ended up with a nude player slayer (I really like her hair in this look) and the entire outfit from French Kissed as well as an outfit from Fashion Royalty. My question to you is; what other shoes will fit her feet? I found a very talented shoe-maker who makes unbelievable shoes for 16″ dolls, but he never specifies poppy Parker, fashion royalty or tulabelle. He mainly mentions Jamieshow, avantegards and Tonner. Any thoughts on this?

    1. ghouliette Post author

      Hi Braxton,
      The only other shoes I tried on Tulabelle were Tonner’s Deja Vu shoes, which were a little loose because Deja Vu’s feet were larger than Tulabelle’s. I’d assume that other Integrity 16″ dolls (Poppy Parker Fashion Teen, FR16) would fit, but I don’t have other 16″ Integrity dolls so haven’t tried their shoes on Tulabelle. I wonder if that doll shoemaker online doesn’t do Integrity dolls since he doesn’t mention them, but maybe you could email him and ask. I’m glad you discovered Tulabelle and love her too. It’s exciting looking forward to receiving a new doll.


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