Monster High Inner Monsters


Inner Monster is a new concept from Monster High. It’s sort of like MH’s Create a Monster, but it’s more interactive. There are three dolls in the line. Each doll has two personalities and comes with a variety of accessories to convey their personalities. The Inner Monster dolls were introduced at NY Toy Fair and San Diego Comic Con before they hit the shelves earlier this month. I ended up buying all three because I totally fell hard for their unique “gimmick,” which I’ll explain a little bit later. There is also a separate fashion pack for each of the three Inner Monster dolls, sold separately.


The packaging for the Inner Monster looks different from the usual Monster High packaging. What really appealed to me is the illustration on the box. Instead of the usual cartoon-like image of the character, the Inner Monster artwork has more of a Kawaii feel to it. It looks like manga, or Tokidoki. It’s colorful and vibrant. The image is a half-face of each of the two personalities of the doll, and when you put two boxes together side by side, it creates one whole face (see above).

Here’s a closeup of one of the faces so you can see how attractive the artwork is.


I had seen a few photos of the Inner Monster dolls online, but their unique gimmick wasn’t obvious to me until I saw them in person. On the box, in large letters, are the words “Try me.” Upon closer inspection, it reads “Push brain to change my eyes.”


There is a hole in the box over the head that exposes the brain so you can try it.


When I pushed the brain in the store, I was thrilled to discover that you can change the eyes for the Inner Monster doll to one of three different looks. Monster High meets Blythe? Shut up and take my money!



19Each Inner Monster doll comes with a variety of accessories, including a stand, a hairbrush, a wig, a diary, a purse, a mask, two pairs of shoes, and two sets of accessories to show two different personalities. Two of the dolls, Fearfully Feisty/Fangtastic Love and Spooky Sweet/Frightfully Fierce, come with a pair of sunglasses, while Scared Silly/Shockingly Shy comes with a headband that matches one of her two outfits. Each doll also comes with a set of tiny plastic pieces that I’ll call emoticons, for lack of a better word.

36Since each doll is basically the same in terms of how they work and what accessories come with it, I’ll do a full review of one of the dolls, Fearfully Feisty/Fangtastic Love. I’ll add a few photos of the other two dolls, Spooky Sweet/Frightfully Fierce, and Scared Silly/Shockingly Shy to highlight certain points.


Fearfully Feisty/Fangtastic Love has pink skin and pink hair. Her arms and legs are covered in tiny red hearts.



She comes with her brain exposed, and a wig that you attach to her head with two prongs inside the wig that fit into two corresponding holes in her head. It’s similar to the Create a Monster, but the CAM wigs have one prong and the dolls have the hole at the top of the head, which is impossible for the Inner Monsters because of their brains.





I was a little disappointed with the wigs of all three dolls. Fearfully Fiesty’s wig fit the best, but it shed a lot and it’s very uneven. The wigs for the other two dolls didn’t look as good because the plastic wig cap showed, due to the hairstyle of the wig.

Scared Silly/Shockingly Shy

Scared Silly/Shockingly Shy

Spooky Sweet/Frightfully Fierce

Spooky Sweet/Frightfully Fierce

Fearfully Feisty and Scared Silly come with sunglasses and a skullette purse. Spooky Sweet comes with a purse but no sunglasses. I think this is because she comes with a headband for one of her costumes, whereas the other two dolls don’t.


Each doll comes with two different “costumes.” Fearfully Feisty’s first costume consists of spider legs that clip on to her shoulders and her waist. There are six spider legs, which means she has ten limbs instead of eight when you add her two arms and legs! The spider legs are individually jointed for articulation.

20The spider legs feature a spider on the back.

21She comes in a pair of shoes with red heel-less soles and black straps that wind up to the ankle.

22The second costume for Fearfully Feisty consists of fiery  orange wings. I changed her eyes to the dragon eyes to go with the wings.

2425She comes with a second pair of shoes that complement the orange wings.

23Each doll also comes with a separate mask to reflect a different emotion. Fearfully Feisty/Fangtastically in Love’s mask features heavy blue eyeshadow, dual-toned lipstick, and tiny hearts on her face. I’m thinking this mask reflects the Fangtastically in Love aspect of her personality, so I changed her eyes to the hearts option. Isn’t she sweet?


Spooky Sweet's mask

Spooky Sweet’s mask

Scared Silly's mask

Scared Silly’s mask

Each Inner Monster doll comes with a blank diary so you can customize it. You can even create a name for her. I think this would be fun for little girls who have this doll, as it could really stimulate their imagination and encourage them to be creative.



27But perhaps the most unique and creative aspect of this doll is the true “Inner Monster” feature.  Her torso consists of two pieces of clear plastic that snap together over her skeleton body. Her inner skeleton is reminiscent of Skelita Calavera’s body, but it has tiny holes in it for the insertion of tiny  plastic symbols that, for lack of a better word, I’ll call emoticons.





I fall to pieces

I fall to pieces

The two pieces of the torso come apart fairly easily. The torso snaps back together well depending on what emoticons you put in it. There were certain emoticons that, when placed in the hole on the left side, were too big for the torso to snap back together, so you might have to play around with them to see what fits where. I had fun putting the emoticons in the doll’s body.  So did the girls.


65I really like all three Inner Monster dolls, but I can’t decide which one I like the most. Spooky Sweet/Frightfully Fierce (purple hair) initially appealed to me the most because she has the sweetest facial expressions, but I’m disappointed in how her wig fits. The same goes for Scared Silly/Shockingly Shy. I also wish Scared Silly came with sunglasses like the other two Inner Monster dolls, but I like that her two outfits – the peacock and the purple wings – are the least “monsterous” or threatening of the trio. I think Fearfully Feisty looks the best because her wig has bangs, so you don’t see the clear plastic wig cap. I also love that one of her hands does the “rock ‘n roll” gesture (which is, perhaps not coincidentally, the international sign language symbol for “I love you.”). So each doll is sweet in her own way. I think the Inner Monster dolls would be a lot of fun for girls within the intended age group because of the many combinations of accessories, eye looks, and emoticons. Heck, I had fun playing with them too.

Do you have any (or all) of the Inner Monster dolls?





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