San Diego Comic Con 2014 Manny and Iris 2-Pack


As I mentioned in my last post, this year is the year I’ve decided to shell out eBay prices for San Diego Comic Con exclusives. I purchased the Ever After High exclusive, Cerise Wolf, as well as Monster High’s offering for 2014, the Manny Taur and Iris Clops 2-pack. This is Monster High’s first SDCC two-pack since the Scarah Screams and Hoodude Voodoo set from 2012. I admired Scarah and Hoodude from afar but I wasn’t going to pay $100 or more for playline dolls online at scalper prices. By the time I reconsidered that decision, the price of the set had increased. The lesson here? Buy SDCC exclusives right after Comic Con ends, because that’s when they’ll be the most plentiful and prices will be competitive. Because no matter how expensive you think the SDCC dolls are now, they’ll only be more expensive a year or two later.

Like the packaging for Cerise Wolf, the box for Manny and Iris is also bigger than my head.


The outer box resembles a Monster High backpack. Manny’s, to be exact. The inner box resembles Manny’s varsity jacket.


It comes with a note from Iris tucked into the front pocket. This note isn’t an illustration, it’s a separate note that you can take out of the pocket to read, revealing two sides.





The two front flaps of the box are like two sides of the varsity jacket, held together with velcro. When you open the jacket, it reveals the diaries of Manny and Iris tucked into the inside pockets.


The back of the inner box looks like the back of Manny’s varsity jacket, featuring the name of the Monster High sports team, the Nightmares. As with Cerise Wolf, Mattel has once again outdone itself with creative packaging for its Comic Con exclusives.


Manny and Iris are set inside a cardboard background resembling the lockers at Monster High.


Manny comes dressed in his signature red t-shirt, which makes no sense, because being a bull, the color red sets him off. He also wears jeans and Timberland-type workboots.


He also comes with a binder, a casketball, and his signature backpack.



There was some sort of controversy surrounding the Manny and Iris dolls at Comic Con this year, specifically Manny. According to Doll Nerd, the first 300 people who pre-ordered the Manny and Iris two-pack online from Matty Collector were entitled to an extra item – a varsity jacket for Manny. But apparently the people manning the booth at Comic Con weren’t aware of this and gave the jackets out to the first 300 people on line. My Manny and Iris didn’t come with the jacket, so I bought it separately from another eBay seller.





Manny’s face really matches his webisode character. Since it’s so different from the other Manster dolls, Mattel had to come up with an entirely new mold for Manny’s face. It features his shock of blond hair, his horns, and his nose ring. It’s really well done.


Manny’s body is also unlike the other Mansters. Again, an entirely new mold was used for Manny. Just check out those biceps, triceps, and quads! He’s like The Incredible Hulk. Just don’t make him angry. You don’t want to see him when he’s angry.



Iris likes a man with muscles

Iris likes a man with muscles

Iris is also unique in her appearance compared to most of her Monster High ghoulfriends. Being a cyclops, she has one large eye in the center of her forehead. Because her eye is so large, she has just a tiny nose below it, without a long bridge. Her brown hair has several strands of green in it, and is worn in two thick braids. I think Iris is adorable, with her button nose and freckles, and her long bangs in her eye.


Iris wears a purple dress with a print bolero over it, paired with black capri leggings.


She also comes with a binder and a purse. Both extend the “eye” theme. Her purse is one large eyeball. It opens and closes. Her binder is decorated with eyes.


Her shoes continue the “eye” theme. Ghoulia13 thinks Monster High shoes are too literal to the characters, but I think Iris’s shoes are really cool.


When I saw the preview photos of Manny and Iris online, I thought Manny was the same size as the other Mansters, and I assumed that Iris was really short – shorter than Howleen or Twyla. When the dolls arrived, I was surprised to find that Manny is HUGE. He towers over other Mansters like Heath.


Whereas Iris is the same size as Draculaura and the other “older teen” Monster High ghouls.


As with Cerise Wolf, I have no regrets about buying the Manny and Iris two-pack on eBay. Manny is such a unique doll compared to the other Monster High boys, and Iris is just so freakin’ adorable. I love them both. The Manny and Iris two-pack has got me thinking: for the past two years, the SDCC exclusive Monster High girl has subsequently been mass-released as the next year’s I Love Fashion doll. Scarah debuted at SDCC 2012 with Hoodude, and in 2013 she was one of the two I Love Fashion releases for that year. In 2013, Wydowna Spider debuted at SDCC and she is one of the two 2014 I Love Fashion releases. Could Iris be one of the I Love Fashion dolls for 2015?



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