San Diego Comic Con 2014 Cerise Wolf


I will never get to San Diego Comic Con. I just don’t have the funds for airfare, hotel, and the price of admission. But I can live vicariously through the people who do by owning some of the Comic Con exclusives of my favorite toy franchises. Every year I wistfully eye the SDCC Monster High exclusives. This year I decided to buy the SDCC exclusives. I bought the SDCC Monster High Manny and Iris 2-pack (review coming soon), and the SDCC 2014 exclusive Ever After High Cerise Wolf doll, both on eBay. Sure, I paid three times what they originally cost, but I have no regrets. Cerise Wolf is a-ma-zing. 2014 is the first year for a SDCC Ever After High exclusive, since the line only debuted last year.

The box she comes in is bigger than my head. Seriously. See pic below.


I do love beautiful packaging. Cerise Wolf comes in a large outer box that looks like the trunk of a tree. She also comes in an inner box that looks like a large leather-bound volume of fairy tales. Mattel really goes all out for their SDCC exclusives.





It has beautiful details in the design, such as the outline of a wolf, and a classic letter C with a tiny howling wolf inside, made to look like embossed and gilded designs in a leather book cover.



The book opens to reveal Cerise’s fairy tale on one side, and a beautiful forest scene in which Cerise is artfully posed.


Cerise’s packaging is so beautiful that I was almost reluctant to take her out of the box. But I didn’t buy her to leave her NRFB. I wanted to play with her. But before I took her out of the box, I took a few more closeups of her inside the packaging – because once I take her out I will never get her to look as good in the box again.


Cerise Hood constantly worries that her friends at Ever After High will find out about her secret  – that she’s the daughter of the Big Bad Wolf. But Cerise Wolf embraces her wild side. Her makeup is wild, and she has fangs. Her hair, which is usually black with white streaks, is snow white with a few black streaks. And her cape! I fell in love with Legacy Day Cerise Hood because of her fur-lined cape, but Cerise Wolf has Legacy Day Cerise beat with what is by far the most incredible outfit to date. Cerise Wolf’s cape is long and full, made of a fabric that looks like crushed velvet. It features a large fur from the hood to the floor, topped with a wolf’s head. The detail in the wolf’s head is a work of art in itself.


She wears a lacy black overshirt that extends down into a long train under her cape. She wears brown “leather” kneeboots and long brown gloves. Her hands are colored brown as part of the gloves. She carries a barrel purse that opens up. She wears a gold-colored belt and a gold-and-silver-colored necklace of twisted vines. Cerise also comes with a stand and a hairbrush, like all of the basic Ever After High releases.


After I freed Cerise from the confines of her box, she was itching to go outside. So I took her to the woods and photographed her in the natural habitat in which she felt more comfortable.





So what do I think of Cerise Wolf? I think she’s gorgeous. I don’t regret purchasing her. She’s a truly unique doll that I will cherish as a focal point of my collection. I can’t wait to see what Ever After High will do for next year’s San Diego Comic Con.

Have you ever paid more than you’re usually willing to pay for a truly unique doll? Do you collect Comic Con exclusives?

You're gonna hear me roar.

You’re gonna hear me roar.


One thought on “San Diego Comic Con 2014 Cerise Wolf

  1. barbtheevilgenius

    I’ve considered paying a higher price for convention dolls, but never done so. I’ve never wanted a Comic Con doll, though. I’ve sometimes eyed dolls from manufacturer conventions.


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