Apple White’s Fainting Couch


Still on an Ever After High kick, I present to you my review of the Apple White Fainting Couch.

Apple White’s fainting couch allows her to recline in her dorm room. It gives her a place to do her homework on her laptop, or hext with friends on her mirror-shaped cell phone. The fainting couch features a lit a la polonaise canopy (fancy, oui?) and comes with accessories, including a plastic apple-shaped pillow “embroidered” with the initials A.W., a crown headband, nerd glasses, a blanket, a necklace, a laptop, and her mirror-shaped cell phone.




If you look closely, you can see that the seven dwarves have all been incorporated into the design of the fainting couch. It’s a little hard to tell in the photo, so I’ve numbered them:


And in detail:






I feel sorry for Dwarf Number Six. He’s squished face-down on the floor, and he’s got Dwarf Number Five standing on him, as well as the weight of the entire fainting couch. Dwarf Number Four acts as the holder for Apple’s mirror-shaped cell phone while it rests in the recharger so she’ll be able to hext her friends.

Hexting is fun

Hexting is fun

Apple’s fainting couch holds a couple of secrets. The first is a storage drawer underneath the couch that can hold her items as well as yours.


The second is a secret compartment in the headrest that conveniently hides her glasses. I bet you didn’t know Apple wore glasses, did you? That’s okay, neither did I. I think she hides her secret very well.


Apple needs her glasses to see her laptop when she’s using it.

I can't see

I can’t see

That's better

That’s better

I think the fainting couch is an adorable accessory for the Apple White doll. It would go very well with the Getting Fairest Apple White doll, which comes dressed in her pajamas and includes her night table, in case you wanted to accessorize an entire dorm room for her.

Do you have the Apple White Fainting Couch? What other Ever After High accessories do you have?


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