Ever After High Legacy Day Cerise Hood


The Legacy Day line from Ever After High is based on the 30-minute Legacy Day cartoon that aired on Nickelodeon several months ago. Episode 4 of Season 1 of the webisodes also touched on it (you can catch it here). Three dolls were released to coincide with the program: Legacy Day Apple White, Briar Beauty, and Raven Queen. Now a second wave has been released, consisting of Madeline Hatter, Ashlynn Ella, and Cerise Hood. I haven’t seen any of the second wave Legacy Day dolls in stores, so I had to order Ashlynn Ella and Cerise Hood from the Ever After High shop on Mattel.com. In particular, I really wanted Cerise Hood because I love her fur-lined hooded cape.



Legacy Day Cerise comes with the Legacy Book that she’s supposed to sign, to fulfill her legacy, the key to open it, and a purse. She also comes with a silver hairbrush, and a stand.





Legacy Day Cerise’s outfit is a variation of First Wave Cerise’s outfit, with a buffalo plaid dress and a cape with a thorny branch motif. Her dress has a graduated skirt that is shorter in front and longer in back, and is accentuated with a belt and a chain with what looks like a lucky wolf’s foot on it.



Her cape is basically a long version of the cape that came with the First Wave Cerise Hood. As I mentioned earlier, I love the fur-lined hood. Her cape is my favorite part of her outfit.



She wears red tights and black ankle boots with silver chains:


Removing Cerise’s hood reveals that her hairstyle is a high ponytail with a little bouffant on top – a. Again, Mattel seems very fond of little bouffants, like Sweet Dreams Frankie Stein or Art Class Skelita Calaveras.


Her bouffant is accented with a silver hair clip.


She wears silver chain earrings.


Legacy Day Cerise Hood is the most dramatic Cerise so far. Except, of course, for the San Diego Comic Con 2014 Cerise Wolf, which I’m thinking about getting my hot little hands on.

Do you like Cerise Hood? Which one is your favorite, First Wave, Legacy Day, or Hat-Tastic?


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