Monster High Invisibilly – A Full Review


After rushing to a Justice store after work one evening last week and finding an Invisibilly with a head but no body

I know I'm supposed to be invisible, but geesh...

I know I’m supposed to be invisible, but geesh…

and returning to the same store a week later, only to find the torso-less Invibillys still there because the apathetic teenaged sales girls didn’t do anything to correct the situation, I finally found a complete Invisibilly at a Justice store closer to home. Here now is my full review.


Ghoulia13 and I have been on the hunt for Invisibilly for a while, and frankly, we never thought we’d find him. We thought he might be one of those elusive Monster High dolls that never come to a store near us, or which sold out quickly before we could find one. But our local Justice had several of them, all with bodies, so we were able to take our pick and compare faceups, etc. I chose mine because I liked that his hair was in his face a little more than the other dolls. Invisibilly is part of the second wave of Scaremester dolls, which also includes Catty Noir and Gigi Grant. Invisibilly is 15 years old and is the son of the Invisible Man. He started the Disappearing Club at Monster High for students like himself who sometimes aren’t as visible as the other students. Invisibilly comes with the usual deluxe doll accessories – a stand and a diary, and he also has a binder. He is also the only Manster to come with a hairbrush, to brush his long, luxurious hair, although it’s so heavily lacquered that it’s hard to run a brush through it.


Invisibilly wears his favorite striped hoodie and cut-off jeans, and his hipster beanie. There have been a lot of comments on the Internet about how Invisibilly resembles a Smurf in his blue beanie, and I have to say, I can totally see it.



Smurfalicious, side view

Smurfalicious, side view

I think Invisibilly’s hat makes him resemble a Smurf so much because of the way it’s stitched on to his head. So I removed the stitches and put the hat on his head, making adjustments to make it look less Smurfy. I’m not entirely sure I succeeded.

Is this any better?

Is this any better?

I still look like a Smurf, don't I?

I still look like a Smurf, don’t I?

Invisibilly’s hat doesn’t stay on very well when it’s not stitched down to his head, so I may have to take some blue thread and restitch it. But I rather like the way he looks without his hat.


Without the hat, I think Invisibilly has a little Benedict-Cumberbatch-as-Sherlock vibe going on. What do you think?

Invisibilly comes with some accessories. He wears a zippered money belt across his chest, as well as a white belt around his waist. He wears a necklace that looks like it’s in the form of a bicycle lock, and a chain bracelet. He also has earrings – those tribal rings with the holes through them. With these earrings and his beanie, Invisibilly represents the Hipster segment of the population. Either that or he’s a bike messenger.


Invisibilly also wears a wristwatch. It’s incredibly detailed. It might be hard to see in the photograph, but it actually has numbers on it like a digital watch. It looks like it reads “10:59.”


Black and white shoes complete his look.


Now that I have Invisibilly, my insatiable need to pair up my Monster High Ghoulfriends with their respective Manster boyfriends has compelled me to take pictures of Invisibilly with his best ghoul, Scarah Screams. When Mattel released the exclusive 2-pack of Scarah Screams and Hoodude Voodoo for San Diego Comic Con 2012, I assumed Hoodude was Scarah’s boyfriend. Upon seeing his fairly sizeable role in the animated Monster High film “Frights, Camera, Action,” however, I’m assuming Hoodude is Scarah’s Gay Best Friend. Have you seen “Frights, Camera, Action?” I’m right. You know I’m right.



Now you see him...

Now you see him… you don't

…now you don’t

Invisibilly can also help Rochelle Goyle excel in the dance class competition, like he did in the webisode “Fright Dance.”



Do you have Invisibilly or plan on getting him? He’s such a sweetheart, isn’t he?

And for your viewing pleasure:

Yes, Invisibilly, help Rochelle. Operetta needs to be taken down a peg or two.


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