Monster High Creepateria Collection


I love food-related toys, so I thought the Monster High Creepateria collection was adorable. The collection features Cleo, Howleen, and Draculaura. The Creepateria dolls are basic, so they don’t come with a diary, a stand, or a hairbrush. They don’t even come with earrings, that’s how basic they are. They do, however, come with trays containing their school lunches. Each tray is shaped like a coffin and contains food that is appropriate for each character. Let’s have a look at the dolls.


Howleen is my favorite of the three Creepateria dolls. I think she’s adorable with her long pink hair, and the fact that she’s supposed to be younger than the other Monster High ghouls, so she’s got the shorter, more “adolescent” body type. Howleen wears a t-shirt with a dog paw-and-slash motif, and a miniskirt with dog crossbones on it. I just love her pink high-top sneakers with purple laces. A spiked pink cuff bracelet completes her simple look.


Howleen’s lunch consists of a hot dog and a carton of milk (because she’s a growing ghoul). Her lunch is the most teen-oriented of the Creepateria meals and fits Howleen’s personality perfectly.


Cleo wears a dress with a colorful abstract design that evokes the wrapped bandages of a mummy. The dress is accentuated with a green belt and she wears a matching bracelet and a purple choker. Her shoes are gold strappy wedge sandals.


Cleo’s lunch is one befitting an Egyptian queen. She has a bowl of grapes and a goblet on an ornate gold tray.


Draculaura wears a black tank top with light and dark pink bats on it, paired with a pink skirt decorated with lips – lips with fangs on them! Her pink platform shoes are decorated with winged hearts. Her jewelry consists of pink and yellow bangle bracelets and a bib necklace suspended from another winged heart.


Since Draculaura is a vegetarian, her lunch consists of a grilled cheese sandwich. But true to form, it’s in the shape of a winged heart. She also has a water goblet, but I’m guessing it contains tomato juice. What do you think?




The Creepateria line is a simple but really cute addition to the Monster High collection. You can use the dolls with the Monster High School playset, but there is also a Creepateria playset sold separately.

Will you be adding the Creepateria dolls to your collection?

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