Daisy Chain Award


Barb from My Little Doll Corner has given Dollsville USA the Daisy Chain Award. Thanks, Barb!
She asked us eight questions about doll collecting. Here are our answers.

1. Do you currently have a grail doll?

Ghouliette: I would love to get my hands on the San Diego Comic Con Deadfast Ghoulia Yelps doll from 2012, but I don’t know if I could justify spending over $300 on a Monster High doll!

Ghoulia13: I recently purchased a Jody the Old Fashioned Girl doll by Ideal, 1975, on Ebay. That was high on my list of lost childhood dolls to reclaim. But currently I’d say my grail doll would be the 1977 original Superstar Barbie, preferably with the original outfit and jewelry intact. She pops up on Ebay a lot, but people are charging a fortune for ones that are intact or NRFB. The search continues.

2. What doll in your collection gave you the most satisfaction in acquiring (hard to find/you found a good price/wanted for a long time/just really wanted)?

Ghouliette: Last year I found a mint in box Candy Mountain Flatsy. I had received this for Christmas when I was a child and I’ve never forgotten it. But when I tried to search for it on eBay, I usually only found listings for a doll and sometimes the car that came with it. But one day I did a search and found the complete, boxed Candy Mountain Flatsy. No one else bid on it and I won it. Setting it up reminded me of my childhood. Basically, I think half of my doll purchases are just me attempting to buy back my childhood.

Ghoulia13:  When I was a little girl, my aunt would buy Ghouliette and I Peggy Nisbet dolls for our birthday and Christmas. It was something the three of us loved to do together. Peggy Nisbet dolls were exquisite high-end dolls made for collectors. They were for display, not play! The dolls were based on historic British figures and were made of bisque and clothed in fine fabrics and richly detailed clothing. My favorite was the Lady Jane Grey doll. She was beautiful and wore gorgeous 16th century clothing. I was so proud to own that doll and admired it often.

3. Which doll manufacturer produces the best quality clothes and shoes, in your opinion?

Ghouliette: In my opinion, Integrity Toys wins, hands down. Their dolls are pricey, but you get your money’s worth in the quality fabrics and attention to detail they put into their clothes and accessories.

Ghoulia13: For me, that would be J-Dolls by Groove, Inc./JUN Planning. The fashions are so cutting edge, incredibly varied and beautifully made. The materials and sewing are excellent. JUN Planning puts a lot of attention and care into their clothes. Life’s too short to look at raw seams!

4. How much life (or death, if you prefer) do you think the Monster High line has left?

Ghouliette: I thought they were kind of losing it when they introduced Jane Boolittle. She’s so vague a monster that it seemed like they were running out of ideas. But then Mattel came back with lines like Creepateria and Ghoul Sports that are in keeping with past lines, so I think they could keep going for a few more years.

Ghoulia13: That’s a really good question! I’ve been a little worried about the “freshness” of the line lately; I find the new Freaky Fusion line a little weird and uninspired. (Neighthan Rot’s just plain gross.) But the previews coming out of San Diego Comic Con have restored my faith somewhat; it looks like there are some cool new dolls and characters coming out. Judging by how quickly some of the dolls and playsets go out of stock online, I’d say the Monster High line has a pretty long (after)life ahead of it.

5. If you could bring one retired doll line back, which one would it be?

Ghouliette: I was kind of sad to see the My Scene Barbie line disappear. I really liked their fashions. They were closer in style to real clothing than the pink, pink, pink, glitter, and pink outfits that make up the entire Barbie fashion line. Seriously, you cannot buy a Barbie dress that isn’t pink.

Ghoulia13: I would pick Liv dolls. I love the dolls for their healthy beauty, and the interchangeable wigs are a hoot! Their house and log cabin playsets looked like homes real people would live in, i.e., not a pink accessory or pink stick of furniture in sight! Their clothes were right on trend for what girls are actually wearing in the real world, with lots of mix and match separates. Maybe it’s true that dolls with realistic beauty can’t compete the glamorous, idealized world of Barbie.

6. Pick a doll line and describe what your dream doll from that line would look like/wear.

Ghouliette: I like how some of the Momoko dolls are really funky, just dressed in streetwear. I’d like to see one in a funky outfit like a long striped sweater, black leggings or jeans, Doc Martens, and GLASSES! I want to see more hipster nerd girls in doll lines. The hipster knit beanie can be optional.

Ghoulia13: I would like to see a J Doll based on a trendy East Village, New York City girl. She would be kind of 80s-90s punk, with shocking hair—maybe bright red, or hot pink. She would wear a black tee with a British flag graphic on it, and a short tartan kilt over jeans. She’d wear black Doc Marten-inspired boots. Her accessories would be an army surplus messenger bag and a pair of stereo headphones on her head. She would be called St. Mark, after St. Marks Square in NY. Let’s make it happen, Groove, Inc.!

7. Is there something you’d like to see offered by a doll line, that isn’t available now?

Ghouliette: I think it would be hilarious if Monster High made a doll of that short nerd boy who always gets thrown into his locker by the octopus monster hiding inside it. Does that kid even have a name? I can totally see that as an SDCC 2015 exclusive!

Ghoulia13:  I would like to see a Hopper Croakington II doll from Ever After High. Rumors from Comic Con indicate that this may actually be happening in the near future. I hope that’s true, and I hope he comes with his froggy alter-ego! Other than Hopper, more clothing packs for Monster High would be nice (instead of buying doll after doll).  After that, I can’t think of anything I would want that isn’t available somewhere.

8. What first attracts you to a particular doll? Hair, face, clothes?

Ghouliette: I’m a sucker for fashions. I’ve gotten interested in lines like The Dynamite Girls and J-Dolls because I couldn’t resist their clothes. After clothes, it’s the faces that appeal to me.

Ghoulia13: The clothes, definitely, although red-haired dolls get my attention first with the hair. Being a redhead myself, I have a thing for red-haired dolls.

Thanks again to Barb for giving us the Daisy Chain Award. We’d like to pass it along to Sarah of Citrus Flavored. Here are the eight questions we’d like to ask her:

1.  Do you have a “grail” doll?

2. What’s your favorite doll line?

3. Who is your favorite Monster High character, and why?

4. Imagine that you can only buy dolls from one doll manufacturer for the rest of your life, no exceptions. Who do you choose, and why?

5. What do you look for when buying a doll; do you look for high-end collectibles, or the playful ness of general playline dolls?

6. Are there any dolls/a doll that you regret buying?

7. What is the first doll you remember receiving as a child?

8. How many dolls do you own?



4 thoughts on “Daisy Chain Award

    1. ghouliette Post author

      We enjoyed reading your answers, Sarah! And Ghoulia13 and I each also have all the Ever After High tea party dolls!


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