J-Doll Andrassy Ave.


J-Dolls are manufactured by Groove Inc., formerly Jun Planning, the South Korean company best known as the manufacturer of Pullip dolls. Each J-Doll is named for a shopping district, street, or thoroughfare throughout the world. Andrassy Ave. is one of the main shopping streets in Budapest, Hungary. It features hotels, restaurants, and luxury boutiques. The Andrassy Ave. doll is one of the more punk offerings from J-Doll. She has very long electric blue hair, and her clothing evokes the punk movement of the late Seventies.


Andrassy Ave., like all J-Dolls, comes with extra accessories. She includes a back pack, a separate faux-leather and studded vest, and a black-and-white checked scarf. I photographed her with these accessories (see above), but I feel they are too much, and hide the rest of her outfit. I prefer her without them.


You can see her outfit better without the scarf and vest. Her shirt is made to look like a long-sleeved t-shirt with words printed on it, with a slashed “fishnet” overshirt. A blue-and black-striped oversleeve on one side adds a bit of color to her black and grey outfit and matches her blue hair.


She wears a banner over her shirt that reads “The Histor.” Is this supposed to read “The History” or “The Historian” but they ran out of room on the doll? The banner has a safety pin securing it to her shirt. because of course, safety pins are very punk! She also wears a grey distressed denim miniskirt with a black “leather” studded belt and a side chain – again, very punk.


She wears leggings of black-and-white and blue-and-black stripes. One leg features a black band with an “X” in white crossbones. Kind of punky, kind of piratey. She wears cool lace-up Doc Marten-type boots.



I think Andrassy Ave. is a very pretty doll. I love her blue hair with the topknot.


I also really love her punk outfit. Although it’s the middle of summer, she reminds me more of autumn. Maybe with her vest and backpack, she’s like some punky “back to school” doll. I might have to take her outside once the leaves turn brown and photograph her in a natural setting. But for now, I enjoyed photographing her indoors.


When Jun Planning first introduced J-Dolls several years ago, they retailed for over $100. Then prices went down considerably, possibly because of quality-control issues. Many J-Dolls had faulty hands that broke off from the wrist joints. I know of some collectors who had these dolls with faulty hands, but I’ve been fortunate enough not to have this problem with the J-Dolls that I have. Last year many J-Dolls could be found for under $40, and this price sometimes included free shipping. However, these lower prices led to many new collectors of J-Dolls, which in turn has led to an increase in their prices again. Today I still see many J-Dolls on eBay and Amazon going for between $35 and $50, but I also see some dealers charging between $100 and $150 for them. Personally, as much as I love J-Dolls, I don’t think their quality warrants the higher price tags. They seem somewhat fragile, made of a lightweight, hollow plastic. Every time I pose one I’m afraid it’s going to break, especially with their dreaded hand issues. But their clothing is well made and extremely detailed, and they come with nice accessories like bags, extra scarves, and hats. I do love J-Dolls and plan on adding more to my collection, provided the price is right.

Do you collect J-Dolls?



4 thoughts on “J-Doll Andrassy Ave.

  1. barbtheevilgenius

    I own several J-Dolls, and have reviewed most of them on my doll blog. My latest review is mostly full of disappointment, unfortunately. I definitely think even the best of them are not worth the high price tag; I’ve seen some people asking almost $200 for one. Overall, they’re not bad dolls. Just be sure you know what accessories you’re getting, and do not overpay.


    1. ghouliette Post author

      I read your review and I’m sorry your experience was so disappointing. I haven’t had any negative issues with the J Dolls that I own (so far). Half of them are by Jun Planning and half are by Groove Inc. I wonder if J Dolls declined in quality when Jun Planning became Groove Inc. But sometimes people just get a wonky doll. I read your Penelope Brewster review, but I was really disappointed with the one I got. I hope it doesn’t put you off J-Dolls forever! But I agree, they aren’t worth the high prices some people are charging.

  2. Blackkitty

    I love absolutely everything about this doll. I wish I had bought it when I had a chance for about 50$. I have Lavalle, Karl Johans, Crescent and Camden with both hands broken (I’m working on fixing and improving the joints, but it’s moving very slowly). Andrassy and Takeshita are my most wanted dolls at the moment.

    1. ghouliette Post author

      That’s been my fear with J dolls but so fsr the ones I have didn’t break. But i know a lot of collectors who had thst problem.


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