Where’s My Body?


I went to my local Justice store today in search of Invisibilly. They had six of them, all without bodies. They were just heads in a box , with his binder that’s supposed to be in his hand, and a stand, but no body to put on it. At first I thought it was a gimmick – you know, because he’s invisible – and that his body was hidden in the box, but the box felt light. The sales assistant let me open one of the boxes to see if his body was in it, but it wasn’t. Even the cardboard coffin locker has slits in it where the fasteners that are meant to secure the doll’s body should be. Photos I’ve seen of Invisibilly in his box show a complete doll with a body. Could this be a factory error? Has anyone else seen boxes of Invisibilly without a body? If this is an error, then all I have to say is way to go , Mattel quality control.

2 thoughts on “Where’s My Body?

    1. ghouliette Post author

      I went back yesterday to see if they got any more in, and the same body-less dolls were still out. The apathetic sales girls don’t care, they didn’t do anything like tell the manager to try to correct the problem. Good luck selling them!


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