Holly and Poppy O’Hair: The Rapunzel Twins


Ghouliette here. Today I’m reviewing the Holly O’Hair and Poppy O’Hair 2-pack from Ever After High. I’ve been itching to get my hands on these girls because, in addition to being absolutely adorable, they’re also red-headed twins. Ghoulia13 and I are red-headed twins, so I just had to add these sisters to my collection.


Holly O’Hair and Poppy O’Hair are the twin daughters of Rapunzel. Although they’re twins, they’re not exactly alike. Holly is a Royal, and since she is the older sister (or is she?), she is destined to fulfill her destiny of being locked away in a tower, waiting for her prince to come. Poppy, on the other hand, is a Rebel. She’d rather style hair and be herself than be forced to adhere to a destiny over which she has no control. The O’Hair twins is the second Ever After High 2-pack that Mattel has released. I like how each 2-pack comes with one Royal and one Rebel (the Ashlyn Ella [Royal] and Hunter Huntsman [Rebel] 2-pack being the other). As for the O’Hair sisters, Holly is more conservative. She dresses more like a princess, and true to her legacy, has very long hair. She even comes with a tiara (In the words of Amy Farrah Fowler: “Put it on me! Put it on me!”). Poppy, the younger twin, is more rebellious. Since she doesn’t have to fulfill her mother’s legacy of being trapped in a tower, she chopped off all her hair, and dyed a large chunk of it purple. So that’s Holly and Poppy O’Hair in a nutshell. Now, on to the dolls.

Holly wears a pink shrug over a sweater which is cinched at the waist with a Celtic-knot belt. Her purple skirt with a trellis and flower design is shorter in front and longer in the back.


She wears earrings that look like hairbrushes. As you can see, one hairbrush earring is facing forward, while one is facing backwards. Her eye makeup is done in subtle shades of purple and lavender.


Holly O’Hair has very long red hair with a side braid, adorned with the tiara. Her hair is very easy to brush and feels silky. It falls all the way down to her feet. From the back, she resembles Cousin It from The Addams Family.


Holly’s gold platform heels evoke ivy leaves climbing up the side of a tower.


Poppy is the younger and funkier of the twins. She wears a large knit cowl over a pink dress with a design of braided hair on it.


Whereas Holly wears a tiara, Poppy’s hair is tied back with a rather unroyal pink scarf. Her eye makeup is also done in shades of purple, but is more dramatic than Holly’s eye makeup.


Poppy pairs her dress with black leggings that are inset on the sides with nylon and corset-lacing. Poppy is very punk-rock.


She also likes to cut other people’s hair, and spends her time at Ever After High being an amateur hair stylist of sorts. She has her own stylist’s bag complete with clips, a comb, and a pair of scissors, so she can cut hair like a pro.



Her bright pink lace-up high-heeled boots feature a scissor motif on the back of each heel:


Her earrings also reflect her love of hairstyling. I love the one that’s attached to an ear cuff and chain. Again, very punk.



Being one half of a pair of red-headed twins, I see many similarities between the O’Hair twins and Ghoulia13 and myself. It’s scary, really. Like Holly, I was the older and more conservative twin, whereas Ghoulia13 was the more adventurous one, like Poppy. Ghoulia13 was the first one of us to buy Doc Martens and a leather motorcycle jacket. She even spiked her hair and, like Poppy, dyed part of it purple. I definitely see Ghoulia13 in Poppy.

I really enjoyed playing with, uh, I mean, photographing Holly and Poppy O’Hair. They’re super-cute, and have quickly become my favorite Ever After High characters.

It's like looking into a mirror.

It’s like looking into a mirror.

Is Holly contemplating a haircut?

Is Holly contemplating a haircut?

I'll just take a little off the top.

I’ll just take a little off the top.

Stylist in training.

Stylist in training.



Do you have Holly and Poppy O’Hair? What do you think of them?


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