The Ghouls of Summer: Monster High Ghoul Sports Clawdeen


Ghoul Sports is a new line of three sport-themed dolls. It’s a continuation of the Physical Deaducation gym-class themed dolls. The Ghoul Sports dolls consist of Toralei, who plays soccer; Spectra, who plays tennis; and Clawdeen, who plays baseball. I chose to get Clawdeen because she looks so darned cute in her baseball uniform.


Clawdeen plays for the Monster High Nightmares. The back of the box features an illustration of Clawdeen, with artwork of the other two Ghoul Sports girls in baseball-card format.


Clawdeen’s stats are also featured. They kind of make no sense until you read Clawdeen’s diary and learn that the baseball field is coffin-shaped, not diamond-shaped, so it only has three bases instead of four. Also, the diary never calls the sport baseball, or softball. It doesn’t refer to the sport by name at all. I was kind of hoping for some clever monster-themed play on words, like casketball instead of basketball, but there isn’t any. I don’t know, maybe ickball instead of stickball? (*sigh*).




The Ghoul Sports dolls are deluxe dolls, so they each come with a hairbrush, stand, and diary, as well as some accessories. Clawdeen comes with a baseball “bat,” a bat case, an eyeball for a baseball, and a glove.


Clawdeen’s bat case opens so the bat, which is made of dragon bone because it’s unbreakable, fits inside.


Clawdeen’s diary explains Monster High’s version of baseball in detail. It also features an article on Clawdeen from the Gory Gazette.


The article has the appearance of being ripped around the edges, as if Clawdeen tore it out of the newspaper and put it in her diary. She must be so proud.


Clawdeen’s hair is neatly pulled back into a side ponytail so it stays out of her way while she’s playing baseball.


Her baseball uniform features pinstripes consisting of zippers. I’m not sure why – it’s not really “werewolf” related, but maybe I’m just not “getting it.” If you do, drop us a line and let us know! The back of her uniform features the Monster High logo.


Clawdeen features leggings and black spiked-heeled, open-toed mule shoes. Kind of impractical for baseball, but they stay true-to-form for Monster High’s reputation for fabulous shoes.



Other baseball players chew tobacco, but Clawdeen’s vice is bubblegum. A tiny hole in her lips holds her bubblegum bubble.



Clawdeen can play a variety of positions. She can be the batter.

Swing batter swing

Swing batter swing

She can be the pitcher.

Throw 'em a curveball

Throw ’em a curveball

She can even play outfield.

It's a fly ball - I mean eyeball!

It’s a fly ball – I mean eyeball!

Ghoul Sports Clawdeen is a fun doll. I’m not into sports personally, but I do get excited if my local team makes it to the World Series playoffs, so I guess I’m a baseball fan more or less. Clawdeen’s baseball uniform is cute. It’s pretty authentic while still being believable as a Monster High outfit, except, of course, for the shoes. I don’t know anyone who can steal bases wearing black spiked high heeled, open-toed mules. But I’m sure Clawdeen can.


Do you have any of the Ghoul Sports dolls?


2 thoughts on “The Ghouls of Summer: Monster High Ghoul Sports Clawdeen

  1. barbtheevilgenius

    Even pro baseball players chew gum nowadays. You’ll usually see a tub of Dubble Bubble or Bubble Yum or whatever in the dugout during a game.


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