Monster High Freaky Fusion: Sirena Von Boo

Hey Monster High fans! There’s another Monster High movie in the works, and, as usual, the new dolls have started appearing on toystore shelves months in advance.  Freaky Fusion is the latest DVD in the works, to be released in Fall of 2014. In Freaky Fusion, the ghouls find an old scientist’s lab and travel 200 years back in time to the beginnings of Monster High. When they return through the vortex to the present, the ghouls become fused together, creating combined monsters. Our favorite ghouls must turn to the hybrids, the newest students at Monster High, to learn how to cope with their new skills and their new challenges. They then team up with the hybrids, who are already combined monsters, to–as the box ominously (and without further explanation) states–to save Frankie.

I have to admit I was completely ignorant of the whole shebang until I went to Toys R Us on Monday to look for a School Spirit Slo-Mo (which was a no go!) and saw these on the shelves:


disclaimer: the “hot price” on top is for the LIghts, Camera, Action dolls above. The FF price tag of $24.99 got cut off in the photo.

Sorry-apparently I am unable to take a good iPhone photo in Toys R Us. These are the new characters in Freaky Fusion; three hybrid monsters that are combinations of different types of monsters. From left to right is Avea Trotter, half harpy, half centaur; Bonita Femur, half skeleton, half moth; and Sirena Von Boo, half ghost, half mermaid. I wasn’t sure if I liked them; they are kind of cool, but kind of weird–even for Monster High. Eventually my love of mermaids and Sirena’s long luxurious blue tresses were enough to make me take a chance on her. Am I happy with my purchase? Eh…I’m not sure. I’ll get to that later. First, let’s take a look at her.


She’s fancy! She has long hair of various shades of blue and violet, with a separate ponytail on top, several braids to one side and a Dairy Queen flip on top. Sirena’s mom is a mermaid and her dad is a ghost, so she likes to combine the styles of both, such as wearing pearls with chains. One earring is a pearl and the other is a chain. Sirena wears a chain necklace. Her tail is covered with linked chains, as befitting her ghostly heritage.


Can’t touch this.

Her face is pleasing, with large sea-blue eyes. She wears bright pink lipstick and soft pink eyeshadow. She has thick eyebrows and a small nose. To me she kind of looks like Brooke Shields, circa the 1980s. Yes. I’m that old. You see it, too, now that I mentioned it, don’t you. 😉

She wears an off-the-shoulder r top with a black lace ruffle around the collar and an adorable sea monster print fabric. She has black wrist cuffs with long strands of fringe hanging down.


In her diary, Sirena writes about how she likes to go anshrieking –that’s antiquing to us normies–with her dad. Her clothes have sort of a vintage vibe, like she’s the artsy girl at school who wears nothing but vintage clothes. I like that.

Apart from her brightly hued hair, Sirena’s colors are ghostly and pale. Her webbed hands and tail are black, and her arms and her fishtail are in an otherworldly white and translucent palette.

Sirena, like all the hybrid dolls, can stand on her own. Her tail has a sort of clamshell opening along the bottom, which lets her stand upright. There is a joint right above the tail, which is one of the few points of articulation on this doll. The tail moves back and forth, but only slightly.


The chains wrapped around her tail are all one piece, with three small clasps at the back. They resemble the small clasps that the Monster High belts use, but it’s very tight on her body and it didn’t look to me like it would come apart. I didn’t try to remove it because I was afraid I would break it.


The detailing on her mermaid tail under the chains is nice; it’s fish scales, though it’s hard to see here.

So. Sirena is cute. She’s got a lot of hair. She’s got a fierce sense of style. So why am I not 100%  happy that I bought this doll? First, she costs $24.99. I suspect it’s because a lot of plastic went into this doll, but otherwise she’s really kind of basic. She didn’t come with any accessories other than the standard diary and hairbrush. The hybrid dolls are packaged in a slightly oversized box which I think is a little unnecessary.


Sirena’s hairbrush comes in a cheery yellow. How odd…

Articulation is limited. I pretty much knew that just by looking at her in the box before I bought her. But as I said earlier, I like mermaids, and I was curious enough about this doll to buy her despite my reservations. She can stand on her own, but posing her in a reclining position was surprisingly frustrating. She does not bend at the waist, so the only articulation is the normal MH head rotations, the shoulders, elbows and wrists, and the tail. I envisioned some great “come hither” poses with Sirena resting on her side, head in hand and her tail flipped up, but was unable to pose her the way I wanted.

Forgive me for reviving one of my regular rants, but the hair? Please. It’s rough, coarse and uneven along the edges. Short of boiling it, I don’t know what to do, since combing didn’t really improve things a great deal. The back of her head looks better here than when I opened her, after a lot of brushing.



Come up and see me sometime.

But she is unique. I like to hold her and look at her and brush her hair, but I doubt I will take this doll out and pose it with the other dolls in the playsets very often. But I do live near the water, so there are some great mermaid photo opps out there!

I guess time will tell how popular this line will be. There is a fourth, boy doll in the new character hybrid line called Neighthan Rot (which means, like all the other boys, he’ll be impossible to find). The three hybrids I photographed in the store are the only dolls form this line that have been released so far. There will be dolls fusing fan favorites such as Draculaura, Clawdeen, Frankie, to name a few, later in the year, along with a Freaky Fusion playset, which debuted at Toy Fair 2014.

Final verdict: Sirena Von Boo is cute, but somewhat limited, unless you just want to display her. I’m looking forward to seeing the main character fusion dolls, but I don’t plan on buying any more of the new character hybrid dolls.


I’m ready for my close-up, Ghoulia13!

What do the rest of you Monster High fans have to say? What do you think of the new characters? Are you looking forward to the other dolls and the DVD? Let’s discuss in the comments!


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