Dynamite Girl Natural Beauty Tooka

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I’m a big fan of Integrity Toys’ Dynamite Girls line. This year I joined Integrity’s W Club so that I could get advanced notices about new releases and when they would be available for purchase (if you’re a fan of any of the Integrity Toys lines, you might find it worthwhile to join the W Club for the advance notices of when the dolls go on sale, because they sell out quickly). I’ve regretted not joining in the past, and then being unable to get past lines of Dynamite Girls that I wanted, such as the Back to Brooklyn line in 2012. When 2014’s Dynamite Girls line, Love Revolution, hit the online store shelves, I was ready and waiting at my computer keyboard. I managed to snag a Dynamite Girls Natural Beauty Tooka – the only one I wanted in this year’s line – in the half hour that she was available before she sold out. Then I waited four months for her to arrive.



Tooka is a new character in the Dynamite Girls line. I was hoping 2014 would mark the return of my favorite London Calling girl of 2013, Holland, but this was not to be. I guess it’s good to mix things up and introduce new characters once in a while. Apparently, Tooka is the life of the party among the Dynamite Girls. She is:

    “the Dynamite Girls’ new exciting party girl! Always trendy and game to try anything at least once, Tooka is a free spirit who loves to explore fashion like no one else!”

Integrity gets me every time with their attention to detail in the fashions and accessories of their dolls, and Tooka is no exception. Tooka comes with a pair of gold hoop earrings, three bracelets, and a clutch purse.


Tooka uses the Sooki face mold in the “A-Tone” African-American skin tone. She has raven hair in an abundance of corkscrew curls (hence the “natural” beauty), and she has hand-applied eyelashes.

Tooka and Sooki. Even their names are similar.

Tooka and Sooki. Even their names are similar.

There were three things about Tooka that made me really want her: 1) Her awesome hair. 2) Her awesome owl dress. 3) Her awesome cork-soled wedge sandals.

Awesome hair

Awesome hair

Awesome dress

Awesome dress

Awesome shoes

Awesome shoes

One thing I was slightly nervous about was her hair. I fell in love with Tooka because of the masses of corkscrew curls she sported. But when I saw some photos from other collectors who had already received their dolls, it looked like the curls of her hair were softer. Seeing the abundance of hair in the doll’s hair net upon first opening the box didn’t put my mind at ease, since I couldn’t tell how curly her hair was.

That's a heck of a lot of hair

That’s a heck of a lot of hair

I was happy to see, when I removed the hair net, that her hair was just as curly and fabulous as the prototype’s.


Tooka wears a cropped denim jacket over her awesome owl dress. The stitching on the back mimics the stitching of a real denim jacket. I love the attention to detail of Integrity clothes.


The inside features the W Club “W” logo label, making it look like a designer fashion.


Tooka’s clutch purse has a snap and actually opens. It’s a simple purse that works well with the casual feel of Tooka’s outfit.


The owl dress, as I’ve already mentioned, is awesome. Ghoulia13 loves owls and she wishes Tooka’s dress came in her size. The dress features two straps in back, exposing some skin and lending it a very summery feel.


This one's for you, Ghoulia13

This one’s for you, Ghoulia13


Tooka is beautiful. She reminds me of the supermodel Iman. I thought it would be fun to do a photoshoot of her in other outfits. Here she is modeling the sweater-dress ensemble from the Fall 2013 Barbie City Shopper:



And here she is in the casual outfit from #08 of the Barbie Basics Denim Collection:



I love Tooka in the denim outfit the best. The simpler the outfit, the better, because her hair is her best accessory.

Did you get any of the Love Revolution Dynamite Girl dolls?

There was a little girl, and she had a little curl, right in the middle of her forehead.

There was a little girl, and she had a little curl, right in the middle of her forehead.


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