Gilded Gloom Ellowyne

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Ellowyne Wilde suffers from an interminable case of ennui. She’s so bored that she’s in therapy. According to her journal:

    My therapist, Dr. Bantam, says I suffer from chronic ennui, with just a touch of melancholy – but I guess I’m just too tired to figure it all out. I’m supposed to write down my thoughts and feelings – but really, it’s not that I’m not happy, or even sad – just kind of bored.

Gilded Gloom is my first Ellowyne doll. I bought her online when she was still available from the Tonner Doll Company website, then I immediately put her away in my closet for over a year. Why? I don’t know. I don’t buy dolls to put them away, I buy them to enjoy them. So I decided it was Ellowyne’s time to shine.


Ellowyne comes in a beautiful, Lewis-Carroll-inspired box decorated with a repeat pattern of tiny illustrations of Ellowyne. It’s very Alice in Wonderland.


The box is emblazoned with the Ellowyne Wilde logo banner.


The tissue paper is also decorated with the tiny Ellowyne illustrations.


Ellowyne comes with a card featuring an illustration of Ellowyne in her Gilded Gloom outfit, and a poem about her cat, Sybil:

    I reach down to scratch my Sybil’s head
    But she claws at me then runs under the bed;
    A quick glance in the mirror spells pending doom (sigh)
    It’s just me and my cat locked in this GILDED GLOOM


GIlded Gloom Ellowyne features a gold lace dress, black lace tights, and black shoes. She wears a red wig. She also comes with a stand, and two beaded bracelets.


She is 16 inches tall, with 12 points of articulation. Her wig is made of red saran.

Ellowyne also features a wrist tag with the Ellowyne logo.


Gilded Gloom Ellowyne takes her name from her dress. It’s reminiscent of the Gilded Age but it also references the burnished gold lace dress that she wears. The dress features layers of ruffles decorated with artificial flowers and black velvet ribbons.



Black patterned-lace tights and black shoes complete her look.


Gilded Gloom Elowyne reminds me of an impressionist painting.

Young Girl in Ball Gown by Berthe Morisot, 1879

Young Girl in Ball Gown by Berthe Morisot, 1879

Ellowyne Wilde, 2014

Ellowyne Wilde, 2014

For a girl who is so perpetually gloomy, her wardrobe is actually quite cheery (unlike that other Tonner gloomy gal, Agnes Dreary). In this dress, Ellowyne looks like she’s ready for a very formal event – and no doubt being bored every minute of it.



I love the fact that Ellowyne’s nails are painted black, even when she’s all dressed up. It’s like she’s saying she’s going to do whatever she likes and she just doesn’t give a darn what anyone else thinks.


Her facial features are hand-painted. Her eyes are blue, with gold eyeshadow on the browbone, and her lips are bright pink. She also features applied eyelashes.


I’m not an Ellowyne “person,” but Gilded Gloom Ellowyne really appealed to me. Her dress is so beautiful and I love that it’s historically inspired. The Tonner Doll Company makes several outfits and accessories for Ellowyne, ensuring hours of fun for a girl who is so chronically bored.


I know I’ve used this Edward Gorey cartoon before, but it’s very appropriate for Ellowyne. Let’s hope she doesn’t meet the same fate as Neville.

neville ennui


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