Divergent Tris


Divergent is the recent movie based on the novel by Veronica Roth. It is set in the not-too-distant future in which young people are divided into five categories, called factions. These factions are based on personal attributes such as intelligence, honesty, bravery, selflessness, and pacifism. Once they are placed into their appropriate factions, each person remains in his or her faction for life.

Tris, from the doll's box

Tris, from the doll’s box

I didn’t see Divergent when it hit the theaters last month, and I have no intention of ever seeing it. I’m not really into movies about teenagers facing challenges in a dystopian society. But while shopping in Target, I found the Divergent dolls by Mattel. I picked up the Tris doll but put it back down, since I wasn’t interested in the movie. But the next time I went to Target I saw the Tris doll again and I bought it. It’s a cool-looking doll, and I have a feeling these dolls will be the next hot thing and fly off the shelves. Part of me still regrets not buying a Katniss Everdeen doll from Mattel’s Hunger Games line when I had the chance. I thought the doll was really cool, but, again, I’m not really into movies about teenagers facing challenges in a dystopian society, so I didn’t buy it. I was determined not to make the same mistake with Tris.


Mattel has got a good thing going by producing dolls based on movies based on books about teenagers facing challenges in a dystopian society. Starting with the Twilight dolls in 2009 and the subsequent Hunger Games and Hunger Games: Catching Fire dolls, it was inevitable that Divergent dolls would follow. The first thing I noticed about the Tris doll was that she’s not “Barbie as Tris from Divergent.” She uses the Kayla face mold, painted to (sort of) resemble Shailene Woodley. It’s a very pretty doll. This lack of resemblance to Barbie is what I also liked about the Katniss Everdeen dolls. The Twilight dolls, on the other hand, really did look like “Barbie and Ken as Bella and Edward from Twilight,” so they never appealed to me.


The other thing I noticed about the Tris doll was her articulation. She uses the Fashionista body, so her arms, legs, and wrists are jointed. Tris needs to have full articulation, what with the need to fight for her life and all. It’s almost like buying an Integrity Toys doll for $25 rather than $75, although the Fashionista body, unlike the Integrity bodies, isn’t jointed under the bustline. But still, it has enough articulation for play or photography. And her futuristic black catsuit is pretty kick-a**.



Her hair is very pretty. It feels very silky, and it has highlights of lighter blond, almost white, mixed in with her honey blond strands. But if you notice on the box, the photo of Tris from the movie shows her with center-parted hair, whereas the Tris doll has a side part. I think the doll would look better with center-parted hair.

The doll features the three raven tattoos Tris had in the film, to represent her family members.

The doll features the three raven tattoos Tris had in the film, to represent her family members.

I think Tris is a very pretty doll, despite the fact that the movie doesn’t appeal to me. I can’t wait to redress her in other doll clothes. I’m thinking Stardoll, Liv, and My Scene. And is it just me, or does she look like Jennifer Anniston?

Do you have the Divergent dolls? Did you see the movie?




4 thoughts on “Divergent Tris

  1. kewpie83

    I’m always tempted to pick this doll up when I see her. I was actually an extra (background) in that movie, so I feel I almost have to buy the doll! The one thing I don’t like on her is her outfit. I think the Dauntless wore much cooler outfits in the movie. Her tattoo’s are pretty awesome, though. Totally agree about the middle part comment. The side part is a little strange. As always, great post!

    1. ghouliette Post author

      Thank you πŸ™‚ That’s so cool that you were an extra in that movie. I really loe the tattoos too. I COULD be tempted to watch the movie when it comes to cable. I just don’t get out to movies much. What scene were you in? Did you see yourself in the movie?

      1. kewpie83

        It was a fantastic experience. It was totally a bucket list thing– extra in a movie I would a)want to see in the theaters b)wear a costume that wasn’t from my own closet and c)be on a set built just for a movie. I was cast as an Abnegation extra, the selfless faction. Any scene in which you see the Abnegation village, I was there for (ie: houses with a lot of people dressed in grey). And of course, the choosing ceremony scene. The movie was pretty good– definitely worth watching on cable. For being on set 9 days, you can only see me once for literally a second. I’m walking away from camera down a pathway in the village in a wideshot. πŸ˜‰ You can literally blink and miss me. Overall, though, it was great fun!!!

      2. ghouliette Post author

        It sounds like it was an amazing experience. I’ll definitely look out for you when the movie comes to cable.

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