Monster High Picnic Casket for 2



If you’ve been watching the Monster High webisodes on YouTube, then you probably know that Frankie Stein and Jackson Jekyll are an item. Frankie Stein and Holt Hyde are an item too. This gives new meaning to the term “It’s complicated.” But it’s not as weird as it sounds. Jackson and Holt are two sides of the same person. And Frankie likes them both. But in the Monster High webisode Hyde Your Heart, Frankie decides to just be friends with both boys. Or does she?

Is love in the air for Jackson and Frankie?

Is love in the air for Jackson and Frankie?

The artwork on the box seems to suggest that it is.

The artwork on the box seems to suggest that it is.

Are Frankie and Jackson an item? The packaging for the Picnic Casket for 2 set hints at a relationship. Good for them! In my opinion, Frankie is better off with Jackson, because Holt is too rash and impetuous. The Picnic Casket for 2 set sees Frankie and Jackson ready to enjoy a picnic together. The dolls are dressed in outfits that complement each other, from the clothing colors right down to the yellow streaks in their hair. Their clothing seems very “collegiate” with their matching cardigan sweaters.


Jackson wears a grey checked sweater, blue t-shirt with a yin-yang design (very appropriate for a boy with dual personalities), and yellow trousers. His sweater is rolled up to the elbows and kept in place with clear plastic bands. But I might remove them and roll down his sleeves. I don’t like Jackson to be too hip.


His glasses are sewn to his hair, making them permanently perched on his head. I like Jackson better with his glasses on, so I might cut the threads and put his glasses on his face. The nerdier, the better, I always say.

Hey! I need my glasses but they're stuck to my head.

Hey! I need my glasses but they’re stuck to my head.

Frankie complements Jackson’s outfit both in style and in color. She also wears a grey sweater. Her grey blouse has a yellow Peter Pan collar that I find adorable. Her skirt is a blue plaid in her trademark stitches pattern and is cinched at the waist with a pretty yellow bow. This might be one of my all-time favorite Frankies because her outfit is a little more vintage-inspired than her usual outfits. I also really like how her hair is parted on the side, with side-swept bangs. The only issue I had with her hair is that a couple of clumps of it came out while I was photographing her. I don’t usually have this problem with Monster High dolls.


Today Jackson and Frankie planned to have a picnic. Frankie brought her picnic casket full of goodies she made herself.



However, rainy weather forced them to move the picnic indoors. Jackson doesn’t mind the rain so much, but rain really doesn’t mix with Frankie’s, um, electric personality. So they moved the picnic to the creepateria.

What a spread

What a spread




So, is love in the air for these two? It’s hard to tell, but you know what they say: the way to a monster’s heart is through his stomach.

I made it myself

I made it myself



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