Integrity ITBE Night Strike

Photo courtesy of Integrity Toys

Photo courtesy of Integrity Toys

Ghouliette here. I just won the lottery from Integrity Toys to buy a limited edition Night Strike doll. The lottery was only open to Integrity’s W Club members. Night Strike is part of the second wave of Integrity’s basic line of dolls, the ITBE line. Each ITBE edition is limited to 300 dolls. I didn’t win the chance to buy this year’s first wave ITBE doll that I wanted, a redhead called Shimmering Copper. But when Integrity released the second wave of ITBE dolls and opened the lottery to W Club members only (unlike the lottery for the first wave of dolls, which was open to W Club members as well as members of the public), I entered for the chance to buy Night Strike. And I won. I’ve purchased it and eagerly await her arrival.

Night Strike ITBE is a stunning platinum blonde that features Integrity’s discontinued Monogram face mold. Her black and blue pleated cocktail dress is a repeat, in a different color, of the black and white dress that the Light Strike ITBE First Wave doll wore. Another Second Wave ITBE doll, Red Strike, uses this dress in red and black. It’s a stunning dress, so it doesn’t bother me that Integrity is repeating the same dress on different dolls.

I will post a full review when I receive it, so stay tuned!

Photo courtesy of Integrity Toys

Photo courtesy of Integrity Toys


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