Miworld O.P.I. Nail Salon by Jakks Pacific


Last week Ghoulia13 reviewed the Sprinkles Cafe set from Miworld. Miworld is made by Jakks Pacific, who are best known as the producers of the Winx Club dolls. But the Miworld playsets are smaller in scale than the Winx Club dolls. I’d say they are more in line with the 1:12 dollhouse scale than the 1:6 fashion doll scale. As Ghoulia13 mentioned in her review, I purchased the O.P.I. nail salon playset. Since Ghoulia13 set up her playset first, I was able to use hers as a guideline for setting up mine so my experience wasn’t as frustrating as hers. That’s right, I make Ghoulia13 do all the work! Unlike Ghoulia13’s experience with the Sprinkles cafe, I found the O.P.I. playset to be fairly sturdy. The legs for the manicure table and chairs snapped into place and stayed there, and the two chairs were able to support the weight of the dolls I used. The playset comes with a manicure table, a salon chair, a traditional chair, a pedicure chair and foot basin, a drying lamp, an apron, a manicure tool set, and a display stand with 12 miniature bottles of nail polish. It also came with a sheet of stickers to decorate the playset.



I also picked up one of two accessories packs for the O.P.I. nail salon. This is the gel manicure accessory pack. It comes with nine miniature bottles of nail polish, a display stand, and cardboard signage.




Like Ghoulia13, I also purchased the Miworld dolls to go with the set, but given their practically non-existent articulation, I chose other dolls to be the first customers of the O.P.I. nail salon. My Blythe Loves Littlest Pet Shop dolls were excited to have a day of beauty. Here Tokyo Dressed for Tea Blythe gets a pedicure.

The plastic apron fits Outdoor Afternoon Blythe perfectly. I put one of the stickers on it so you’ll know she works for O.P.I.

How can I help you today?

How can I help you today?

Can I get you a beverage while you're waiting?

Can I get you a beverage while you’re waiting?

Buckles and Bows Blythe stops in to get her nails done after a busy day of shopping.


She chose to get a gel manicure.


The Blythe Loves Littlest Pet Shop dolls fit nicely in the Miworld playset, but they’re a little short. Poor Tokyo Dressed for Tea’s legs don’t quite reach the pedicure basin.


So I also tried the playset with Dawn doll and her friends.

Angie gives Dawn a manicure

Angie gives Dawn a manicure

Dawn dolls also fit well. At 6″ tall, they’re a little taller than the 4″ Miworld dolls that are sold separately. Maybe they’re a little too tall for the pedicure station, but they otherwise fit very nicely in the O.P.I. nail salon.


In addition to the Miworld playsets, you can join the virtual Miworld by downloading the app. It works with any IOS device. It reminds me of Stardoll in that you create a character and buy things for it. I found it confusing and difficult to navigate, however, so I quickly abandoned it. Maybe I’ll go back to it another time.


I had a lot of fun playing with the Miworld O.P.I. nail salon playset. It also makes a great backdrop for doll photography. You can add the other playsets onto each other to create a larger mall. I might have to get the Claire’s boutique playset next, although my girls gotta eat, so I might get the Dairy Queen playset too. The possibilities are endless.

Does this shade match my sweater?

Does this shade match my sweater?


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