More Fun With Fake Food: MiWorld Sprinkles Bakery

Ghoulia13 here, with another food-related playset post. Yesterday ghouliette and I hit Wal-Mart and Toys R Us and scored the Jaaks Pacific MiWorld playsets. I’ve seen a lot of buzz about these on the internet, but we weren’t looking for them specifically. I didn’t realize my local stores were carrying these until we stumbled onto them in the toy aisles. Wal-Mart didn’t have very many left on the shelves, but I snagged the Sprinkles Bakery Set, which was the one I wanted the most. Ghouliette got her hands on the O.P.I. nail salon, which was the set she wanted the most. We each bought a Shop Girl or two (sold separately) and we walked out of the stores in a great mood for having found these. Wal-Mart also had the larger Claire’s Boutique in stock. Toys R Us also had a very small selection. They were out of Shop Girls but had the small $3 add-on packs with extra pieces, which Wal-Mart didn’t have. I picked up the O.P.I. set at TRU. Both stores had a display featuring the Claire’s Boutique all set up with the brunette Shop Girl in a clear plastic box next to the shelf.

So. What’s the deal with MiWorld? These playsets are mini replicas of actual branded businesses. There are three smaller playsets: Sprinkles, Dairy Queen and O.P.I., which retail for $15.00 each. There are two larger Deluxe sets: Claire’s Boutique and the Sweets Factory candy store, which sell for $30.00 each. All the playsets come with very detailed–and very tiny–pieces such as food, nail polish, ice cream and a ton of other cool accessories.


The playsets do not come with any figures. I think that’s unfortunate. the Shop Girls are sold separately for $5.00 each. Shop Girls come in two varieties: I’ll call them “food services worker” (left) and “upscale retail associate” (right).


The dolls are cute but not very poseable. Their arms move up and down but are frozen in the positions you see in the photo. Their waists move from side to side but the dolls do not bend at the waist. Also, their legs do not bend, but their feet, for some reason, swivel from side to side, as they are on pegs. The girls are really just pieces of molded plastic.

I love the attention to detail, but putting this together was a pain because the pieces are flimsier than I thought they would be. Don’t get me started again on flimsy plastic. There are a lot of small pieces to fit together and a lot of stickers to put on, if you want to go for the whole experience. Putting on stickers is a pain in the butt. So is folding tiny, pre-scored boxes. For someone who loves miniatures, I get very impatient with setting them up. When I was done I was kind of annoyed, and I wanted cupcakes for real.


But it’s pretty cool once it’s set up! There is a counter with stands, shelves, and a glass sneeze guard, 12 cupcakes, two cupcake trays, two coffee cups, two plates, a small cash register, two large takeout boxes, two smaller takeout boxes, a table and chair, two cans of cookie dough to go, and an apron. There are two folded tee shirts to use in a retail display. There are lots of stickers to make the Sprinkles experience more authentic. The sticker sheet has instructions printed on it so you know where each sticker goes. That was helpful.


The table and chair are especially flimsy. The chair barely holds a very small, lightweight doll. The table top does not snap into the table base properly. It is very thin and does not stay on so it’s hard to balance coffee and cupcakes on it.

Since the dolls’ legs don’t bend, they can’t sit in the chairs. That’s too bad.

But other dolls can enjoy the gourmet cupcake experience. Littlest Pet Shop Blythe can sit in the chair.


In the end, I had a lot of fun posing dolls and playing with little fake cupcakes. I bought one of the add-on packs for Sprinkles, which comes with 6 cupcakes, one coffee cup, and a three-tiered display stand (and more stickers).


Jaaks Pacific released MiWorld very recently. Judging by the number of people posting photos on Flickr, there seems to be a good demand for this out there–with adults. There is a decent amount of stock in stores so please don’t pay inflated prices on Ebay. Someone was selling a $3 add-on pack for $20, and others are selling the smaller playsets for $30–twice their retail price. Twenty dollars for the add-on, come on. people!

What are my final thoughts on Sprinkes? I applaud their attention to detail and the sense of immersing yourself in the experience. I just wish some of the pieces were more substantial. I also think the playsets should come with a shop girl, but $5 isn’t a huge extra price to pay.

What do you think about MiWorld? Were you looking forward to their release? Which playsets do you have/want? For those of you with the Sprinkles set, where did you put the “Cupcake ATM” sticker?! Let us know!



2 thoughts on “More Fun With Fake Food: MiWorld Sprinkles Bakery

  1. kewpie83

    The ‘Cupcake ATM’ sticker had me fooled enough to google where to put it! I think it goes in the white space on the back wall, but I’m still on the hunt! Where did you eventually put it?

  2. ghoulia13 Post author

    I ended up not putting the Cupcake ATM sticker on at all! I’ve never actually seen, let alone set foot in, a Sprinkles Bakery so I don’t know where anything is supposed to go!


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