Lucky Kurhn Doll

I think it’s safe to say Kurhn dolls from China are my newest doll-collecting obsession. They’re pretty, they’re different, and many of them come with a lot of clothes or a lot of stuff. Some of the dolls essentially come with their own little playsets, minus the house or the room; the packaging’s background cards can double as a background for play. Someone on Twitter has a Kurhn doll that comes with a fully loaded pastry cart, so you know I won’t rest until I get my hands on that one.

This doll is the Lucky Kurhn doll.



With the exception of the doll’s name and a couple of phrases, the packaging’s text is all in Chinese so I’m not sure what the concept of her being lucky represents. Chinese New Year, perhaps? Since Chinese New Year was just last week (Year Of The Horse) I think it’s a good omen that she arrived so soon afterwards. To me she represents the seasons: her green dress and pink accessories are very spring-like, while the coat with the fur trim says winter. She comes with a tank top and flowered skirt accompanied by a big, floppy sun hat for the summer. There’s nothing here that represents autumn, but I’m going to stick with the seasonal theme for this doll. So what’s the first thing I did the day after she arrived on my doorstep?

I took her out for a photo shoot in a snow storm.


She weathered the storm very well, despite being blown around in some strong wind gusts.


She didn’t mind a trip to the harbor.


These pictures were taken on Wednesday, when I had the day off of work because of the storm. Ghouliette and I debated walking into town to take some doll pictures, but we opted instead for a trip to the water, which was much closer. Since it had been snowing for 8 hours straight and it was still coming down hard, it was a good call…

Lucky comes dressed in a voluminous A-line dress, a kerchief and matching wrap.



She also comes with a fur-trimmed coat, a skirt-and-top set for summer, one sun hat, and two purses. I love a doll that comes with a purse (or two). Her winter look:



And here’s her look for the warm weather.


The summer outfit is my least favorite outfit. The skirt…just doesn’t do it for me. As we’ve mentioned on this blog before, the design of the Kurhn doll’s clothes and accessories are cute and clever, but the quality is a little lacking sometimes. One of the fur cuffs on the winter coat is a little more uneven than the other and it’s sewn a little tighter, making it harder to get the doll’s arm into that sleeve. Otherwise, I have to say the coat and green fur-trimmed bag are my favorite pieces. I love that all the outfits use the same fabrics in different ways so that everything coordinates. The blue floral trim used along the hemline of the dress and the waistline of the coat is my favorite touch.

Another minor quibble: her hair has uneven layers. You can see what I mean in the picture of the pink stole posted above.

In internet pictures and in the package, her hair looked brown. But it looked like her hair had a copper hue to it as well. I love redheaded dolls, so I was really happy when I took her out of the package. Her hair is definitely auburn.


You can see it especially well in the pictures taken in natural daylight. Lucky Kurhn has eyelashes drawn under her eyes as well as above them. I’m not a big fan of it, although I know Ghouliette is.

There were some papers tucked into the box with the doll, along with two bookmarks. I’m going to guess that the larger paper is some type of club enrollment form, or warranty, since there are blank spaces for someone to write their name and address in? Maybe? I think the smaller form is an official factory up-to-snuff inspection form. Inspected by Number Three!


I am a big fan of surprise bookmarks.

On the whole I enjoy Kuhrn dolls and their sunny outlook on life. I will seek out more of them on the internet *cough*pastrycart*cough* as long as I don’t pay an arm and a leg for them. That fast-food delivery service Kurhn doll on Ebay is awfully cute…

You know you can't resist this face.

You know you can’t resist this face.

This pretty much sums it all up.

This pretty much sums it all up.



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