Kurhn Doll Fashion Party – Ladies Mood II

I finally opened one of the two Kurhn dolls that Ghoulia13 gave me for Christmas. I’ve spent the last month staring at it in all its boxed glory, knowing that once I open the box Christmas will officially be over. The Fashion Party Ladies Mood II set comes with a Kurhn doll, plus four extra outfits, two extra pairs of shoes, a purse, glasses, and a comb. The extra outfits and accessories guarantee hours of fun. But be warned: if you want this doll then be prepared for a pink overload.


The Ladies Mood II set comes in a large box with a handle on top. I love the convenience of being able to carry it, as the box is kind of unwieldy. The cardboard backing looks like a dressing room and store windows, as if Kurhn is shopping in a little boutique. It makes a cute backdrop for photographs. The little logos are also cute. Overall the mood is very happy. Maybe it’s the pink. Did I mention there’s a lot of pink?


That's a lot of pink

That’s a lot of pink


One of the extra outfits on a dress form, as if it's a window display

One of the extra outfits on a dress form, as if it’s a window display

The other three extra outfits. Again with the pink.

The other three extra outfits. Again with the pink.

The Kurhn doll that comes with the Fashion Party Ladies Mood II set has long black hair tied back in a high ponytail, with sideswept bangs framing her face. She is the basic Kurhn doll, which means she is not fully articulated. Her arms and legs don’t bend. She comes dressed in a pink dress with spaghetti straps and a three-tiered ruffled tulle skirt. She wears a white jacket over it, and pink pumps. She carries a cute yellow tote bag with a butterfly on it. I love how Kurhn’s logo is a butterfly. It further underscores the overall happy feeling I get from these dolls and their playsets.


Butterfly bag!

Butterfly bag!


Kurhn’s face is very pretty but not overly made up. Her makeup colors are neutral, with subtle shades of pink (again with the pink. I’m sensing a theme, here). I love the eyelashes underneath her eyes. It’s unique, but characteristic of many Kurhn dolls.


All authentic Kurhn dolls are marked on the back of the head. This one is marked “Kurhn 2003.”


The first of the four additional outfits in this set consists of a white tank top with the Kurhn butterfly logo, and a pink circle skirt edged in black lace.

What a cute outfit. I'll have to try it on.

What a cute outfit. I’ll have to try it on.

I need to put my glasses on...oh yes, perfect fit.

I need to put my glasses on…oh yes, perfect fit.

I love that Kurhn doll's logo is a butterfly

I love that Kurhn doll’s logo is a butterfly

The second outfit is a more formal strapless cocktail dress. It features an overskirt of the same material as the circle skirt that is paired with the tank top, and edged in the same black lace. Here Kurhn models it with the t-strap pumps that are also included in this set.

Pretty in pink

Pretty in pink

Love the t-strap pumps

Love the t-strap pumps

Yes, Kurhn, you can go to the ball

Yes, Kurhn, you can go to the ball

The third outfit consists of a long, flared sleeveless shirt edged in black lace, paired with yellow capris. Kurhn can wear the top with or without the capris. Here she models it with the white loafer mules that also came with this set.


I know I'm not wearing any pants. It's a look. Just ask Miley.

I know I’m not wearing any pants. It’s a look. Just ask Miley.

Going shopping

Going shopping


The fourth extra outfit just might be my favorite of this set. It features a sparkly skirt and tights paired with a white crop-top with the Kurhn butterfly logo. Again, pink, I know. The tights and skirt are one piece, and they look adorable with the crop-top.



The clothes that come with the Kurhn doll are cute. I really like the variety of outfits that come in this set. Some are formal, and some are casual. Most are separates so you can mix and match for more combinations. The quality is good, but not great. The fabrics are kind of cheap, but they’re better than some of the fabrics that are used for doll clothes (you know the kind – that fabric that kind of feels like paper, but it’s not quite paper, not quite fabric; Mattel used it for some of the Stardoll fashion packs). Kurhn doll’s clothes are all tagged, just like vintage Barbie and Tressy clothes. I like that attention to detail.


So what do I think of Kurhn doll? I love her. Sure, she’s kind of basic, but she’s very pretty. The overall mood I get from her is one of positivity and happiness. Unlike some fashion dolls, Kurhn comes across as sweet and innocent. You can’t help but feel cheerful when playing with her. I love that she comes in a variety of fashion sets and playsets that contain numerous accessories. I really enjoyed dressing her up in the different combinations of outfits. I can’t wait to put her in my Ikea Huset living room. And by the way, I love pink.

Kurhn dolls are not sold in stores in the United States, but can be purchased on eBay from select dealers in China and Hong Kong. It took a little over two weeks for the four Kurhn dolls that Ghoulia13 and I ordered between us to arrive.

Are you new to the world of Kurhn, or do you already love her? Let us know!

Bye for now!

Bye for now!


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