Bratz on Hiatus


Last week when I went to Target on a Monster High run, I noticed there were no Bratz in stock. It was strange. The Bratz section still had the Bratz sign on display, but there was not a single Bratz doll to be found. I was surprised, considering how popular the line is. Now I know why. Bratz Boulevard is reporting that MGA Entertainment is not issuing any new Bratz dolls for 2014 so that they can revamp the line. Bratz dolls will return, hopefully bigger and better than ever, in 2015.

This may be disappointing news for Bratzies everywhere, but it’s also very exciting. You can read the announcement here.

What? No Bratzillas for a year? What's a Bratzie to do?

What? No Bratzillaz for a year? What’s a Bratzie to do?


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