Dynamite Girls London Calling

Image courtesy of Integrity Toys

Image courtesy of Integrity Toys

Out of all the Integrity Toy lines, I find the Dynamite Girls to be the most accessible. Fashion Royalty and the AvantGuards are beautiful, but they strike me as being snooty supermodels or impossibly hip club kids. And I’m not a Jem and the Holograms fan. But the Dynamite Girls represent the trendy young things on the street. They better represent pop culture with their funky, hip, and stylish ensembles. With the New Year already upon us, it won’t be long before Integrity Toys announces the 2014 Dynamite Girls line. So this is the perfect time to acquire some of the 2013 line. They’re sold out on the Integrity website, but many online doll sites still have them, and some of them have marked them down.


The 2013 Dynamite Girls line is called London Calling. It features four girls and two boys, all dressed in stylish street fashions. The line features lots of sweaters, turtlenecks, and parkas, because, of course, London is chilly much of the time. I purchased four dolls – three girls and one Dynamite Guy – from The Doll Peddlar. Right now The Doll Peddlar has the London Calling girls on sale. I bought Dayle, T.J., Holland, and one of the two guys, Kyu.


Holland is a new Dynamite Girl who makes her debut with this line. Will we be seeing more of her in 2014? I hope so, because of all the London Calling girls, she’s my favorite.




What I love most about the London Calling line is their outerwear. I’m a sucker for winter coats.







Kyu, the Dynamite Guy, wears an extremely detailed green parka with faux-fur trim. Out of all the London Calling Dynamite Girls and Guys, this dude is really prepared for the cold.




The fashions are all very well-made, right down to the exceedingly detailed boots they all wear.

Dayle's knee-length, fur-trimmed boots.

Dayle’s knee-length, fur-trimmed boots.

Kyu's lace-up boots

Kyu’s lace-up boots

Removing their coats will reveal the cutest outfits. Sweaters worn over blouses, and in Holland’s case, an adorable turtleneck worn underneath a retro-style belted jumper. IMO Holland’s and T.J’s outfits are so cute it’s almost a shame that the jacket hides them. Each of the girls’ outfits incorporates the same fabric, a wavy-striped jacquard, in different colorways. With Holland it’s her orange jumper. With T.J. it’s her blue miniskirt (I love the extra ruffle at the waist. Again, attention to detail!) With Dayle it’s her grey shorts. And with Dani it’s her green trousers. Underneath his parka, Kyu wears a mustard knit sweater and red shirt, paired with jeans and lace-up boots.





If you’re thinking of adding some or all of the London Calling line to your collection, don’t hesitate. Last year I admired the Back to Brooklyn 2012 line of Dynamite Girls when they were all readily available at retail, but I decided against it. Now I’m kicking myself as I see these dolls selling for over twice the retail price on eBay, and are nowhere to be found on any of the doll dealer websites I buy from.

Do you collect Dynamite Girls? Do you have the London Calling dolls? We’d love to hear your thoughts.


6 thoughts on “Dynamite Girls London Calling

  1. Kari

    I recently purchased a Dayle (London Calling) from The Doll Peddler, also. I love her – she’s versatile in that she can wear a lot of Barbie clothing and shoes (though, so far, Model Muse shoes seems to be too small and Fashion Avenue shoes too big). She fits wonderfully into outfits like vintage Spring in Tokyo (she’s wearing it right now) and Summer Sophisticates as well as Silkstone. And the stand sent with her is awesome! She’s a fantastic fashionplate and I couldn’t be happier with her …. unless she had come with a wig instead of rooted hair (though I love her hair style), but for the price, you can’t expect everything! 🙂

    1. ghouliette Post author

      I wonder if the Dynamite Girls have a different body than the Integrity ITBE dolls. I tried to put a vintage Sheath dress on my Midnight Strike ITBE because I thought she would look fabulous in vintage Barbie, but her hips were too big for the dress! I’ll have to try other, less form-fitting dresses on her, and experiment with other Integrity dolls. I haven’t put any vintage Barbie clothes on the Dynamite Girls yet, but it’s nice to know they can wear them. It’s always nice to hear from another Dynamite Girls fan!

  2. Kari

    I’m not familiar with any of the other IT dolls – although I did accidently buy a Janay before realizing she didn’t have joints, but managed to sell her. (I’m just used to jointed bodies since I collect ABJDs.) From what I gather, DG dolls share the Poppy Parker body, correct? I’m thinking about getting another DG at some point so I can have my fashion model and my girl next door at the same time. I’d love to buy some IT outfits, but they are so (understandably) expensive. I’m picky about Barbie clothing, though since so much of it is, well…. cheapy made.

    1. ghouliette Post author

      I’m not sure if Poppy and the Dynamite Girls share the same body, but I think they’re both the “small bust” body. I don’t have any Poppy Parkers to compare to the Dynamite Girls. But I agree with you about Barbie clothes being so cheap. And IT doesn’t sell other outfits to be sold separately. I think they don’t feel it’s cost-effective, so they only make dressed dolls.

  3. Kari

    Yes, the only IT outfits I find are on Ebay and obviously “mugged” from the nude doll that’s usually also for sale. An understandable sales tactic (although it worked against me as a buyer when I won an Ellowyne doll auction that was posted *after* the matching outfit – I still haven’t found one I can afford to complete her…). I appreciate your information, btw. It helped solidify my appreciation for these 12 inch beauties. Are there any forums or communities for the IT dolls? They are unfortunately off topic for Den of Angels and no one else on Dollieh Sanctuary seems to have one.

    1. ghouliette Post author

      The Integrity website has a forum but it’s only open to the W Club members. Other than that, I don’t know of any doll forums that include Integrity.


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