Monster High: Scarah Screams I Love Fashion

Up next in the post-Christmas toy parade is a Monster High doll I was very anxious to own: Scarah Screams. Scarah has a couple of minor appearances in the two-minute long webisodes on the Monster High website, but she generated a lot if interest among Monster High fans when the 2012 Comic Con released a con-exclusive Scarah doll. Scarah came in a very Mod halter top and miniskirt outfit, with a 1960s flip hairdo and headband.  The Comic Con version can be found if you want to navigate the resellers and their high prices, but for those who don’t, not to worry! Mattel and Toys R Us have our backs.


Scarah Screams: I Love Fashion came out last summer and is sold in Toys R Us stores and on their website. Scarah is still every inch the Swingin’ Sixties chick, with an even more amazing Mod wardrobe this time. The new Scarah comes with three outfits, three pairs of shoes, two necklaces, a belt, several bracelets, a handbag and a pair of sunglasses. All of these pieces can be mixed and matched to create even more unique outfits. She comes with the standard MH black stand and hairbrush.

Which outfit is my favorite? I have a hard time choosing.


The short-shorts and trench combo is ultra-cool, right down to the knee-high go-go boots with zipper detailing along the sides…

…But Scarah’s shimmery green halter mini-dress is also pretty fierce. She looks like she’s ready to go-go dance till the sun comes up.


See? So shimmmmmerrrrryyyy…


Then again, this mini-dress and tights outfit is perfect for the Mod on the go. Scarah’s got her purse in hand and is ready to hit the shops.


The clothes go on easily once the doll’s lower arms are removed (as usual). The tights were very easy to slide on, but the silver shoes don’t stay on her feet very well. The cool thing about the tights is, once I put them on, what I thought was an abstract pattern turned out to be the effect of having lots of runs in her stockings so the green of her skin shows through the holes. Nicely done, Mattel. I could argue that this is more of a punk look than a mod look, but I won’t. LOL.

The pink mini-dress goes on like a tee shirt because the strip of velcro on the back runs from top to bottom so you just undo it, slip the dress on from the front and press the velcro closed. It’s a cute dress but it’s awfully short! Why does Mattel make the MH dresses and skirts so short??

I had a lot of fun trying all the different outfit combinations. The clothes are made at the same quality MH clothes are generally made with. Make of that what you will.  Scarah’s vinyl trench coat in particular is very clever and stylish. I love the fact that Mattel decided her look was going to be retro and how fully they committed to it. I doubt the kids will pick up on it, but this adult collector appreciates the details. Ghouliette and I both love clothing from the early to mid-Sixties.

Scarah’s hair is thick and luxuriant. No sixties flip this time, but it’s long and straight, ending in a little body wave. It was a little messy coming out of the box but once I brushed it out it I was impressed. The length of her hair is consistent, with no signs of the ragged and uneven hair cuts that plague the Monster High production line.

Actually, I believe I have decided on my favorite outfit for Scarah. It’s this shimmery mini-dress and go-go boots combo.


Who just stepped into an Andy Warhol photo shoot?!

Final Grade: A


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