Bratzillaz Meygana Broomstix and Academy Style Fashion Pack

I swore to myself that I would never buy a Bratz doll. Ever. I didn’t like them. From their overly Botoxed lips to their platform stripper shoes, I thought they were hypersexualized and inappropriate for little girls.  But all that changed when I was in Target last week and I saw that the Bratzillaz Glam Gets Wicked doll was reduced in price from $19.98 to $9.98. I had always dismissed Bratzillaz as MGA Entertainment’s answer to (i.e. knockoff of) Mattel’s Monster High (the two companies have been counter-suing each other over copyright infringement ever since Bratz debuted, because their creator worked for Mattel when he conceived the idea for Bratz).  But I admit, I had already been eyeing Meygana Broomstix whenever I gave the Bratz section a cursory glance whilst perusing the Monster High section. As a redhead, I was drawn to her long fiery tresses. But on this day, something compelled me to buy her. I think it was her eyes  – two lipid pools of turquoise, with a seductive come-hither side glance that said “You want to take me home with you, don’t you?”  I did indeed.




The premise behind Bratzillaz is that they’re students at the Bratzillas Academy of Magic and Fashion (magic and fashion, eh?).  It’s all very Harry-Potter-like, with crests, flying broomsticks, and pointy hats. Even the colors of the crest, red and gold, resemble the crest of Gryffindor.

In addition to her red hair, what appealed to me about Meygana was the inclusion of goggles and a broomstick. Quidditch, anyone? Meygana’s special power is “helping your dreams take flight” (aww). Unlike the standard Bratz line, the Bratzillas feature inset glass eyes rather than painted eyes. Maybe that’s why they caught my attention. Bratzillas are fully articulated, so they’re great for posing, and for photography. Being a huge Monster High fan, I was expecting the same level of articulation in Bratzillas as in Monster High. In this respect I have to say I was a tad disappointed. Bratzillas have the same articulation as Monster High, but the arms and legs are clumsier and jerkier. Not as bad as Winx Club, let’s say, but not as smooth as Monster High. And Meygana’s hair is a nightmare! She has so much of it, and it’s out of control. The promo photos show bountiful ringlets of fluffy curls. The reality is entirely different. Her hair is a mass of thick, unmanageable tangles. Brushing it really doesn’t help. I’m afraid to boil-straighten it, since the only time I did that to a doll (a J-Doll), it made the hair separate into large strands and stick out. Has anyone tried boiling Bratzillas’ hair? I find if I put her goggles on top of her head, they act as a sort of headband to keep the hair off of her face a little (while looking totally steampunk and cool).

At least the goggles keep her hair out of her face

At least the goggles keep her hair out of her face

But as crazy as her hair is, and as jerky as her joints are, I still adore her. It’s those eyes…




See what I mean about the hair?

See what I mean about the hair?


Must catch the golden snitch. What? Wrong school?

Must catch the golden snitch. What? Wrong school?

Meygana comes with a broomstick, to ride of course, and a hairbrush (not that it makes any headway on that overgrown rat’s nest of hers). I love how the brush is shaped like a broom, in keeping with her witch theme.

Broomstick (left), hairbrush shaped like broomstick (right).

Broomstick (left), hairbrush shaped like broomstick (right).

I also purchased the Academy Style Fashion Pack for Meygana at Walmart. Each Bratzilla has her own fashion pack. Meygana’s comes with a scarf, a hat, a backpack, and shoes.

Academy Style Fashion Pack

Academy Style Fashion Pack

Here she is wearing it:




With her red hair, green plaid scarf and hat, and killer high-heeled Oxfords, Meygana looks like a sexy Professor McGonagall.

This version of Meygana was the first. The core version of Meygana, which is basic and doesn’t feature glass inset eyes, actually came out after this version. Other versions include Night Out Meygana (which I also bought, on clearance), Midnight Beach, and the newest one, Back to Magic Meygana, which I think I need to buy soon.

Do you like Bratzillas? Which one is your favorite character?




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