Monster High: Jinafire Long Scare-Mester

As if Christmas shopping, cleaning my house and getting ready for Christmas wasn’t enough over the past month and a half, I spent the time in between all of the above activities obsessively searching all my local retailers for the newest line of Monster High dolls (to buy for myself, natch).  Just in time for the holidays, Mattel released a slew of new dolls (yay!) based on the upcoming DVD Frights, Cameras, Action, and on a two-and-a-half minute long webisode on

Mattel’s newest line of Monster High dolls are based on the webisode “Eye Of The Boo-holder,” in which the students of Monster High work in art class for an upcoming art contest.  Heath is their model, so naturally, hilarity ensues. The webisode features Draculaura, Catrine, Abby, Jinafire, and Skelita, with lots of Heath being Heath. Mattel has released the Scare-Mester dolls and the Art Class dolls based on the cartoon, with an Art Class playset. Despite a whole pile of new toys to play with, I couldn’t resist an art-class theme. My first find was Scare-Mester Jinafire Long, daughter of the Chinese Dragon.

I love this Jinafire Long. Her Scaris doll didn’t appeal to me that much; her big hair and elaborate hair accessories put me off. I also find the dolls with tails a little annoying. But Scare-Mester Jinafire appealed to me instantly. She sports a long side pony and a sleek Chinese-inspired outfit that features a pair of pretty “silk” capris in an eye-catching red.


Jinafire comes with a large shoulder bag and a smaller portfolio case. Both snap open and closed. Her golden-toned skin is nicely detailed with dragon scales. The  red, green and gold colors look beautiful together.

The capris are pretty, with the gold and black trim at the bottom, but as with all the MH high dolls that come in pants, they are too tight. The velcro in the back barely meets, and when the doll is in a seated position, they fall down a little in the back. You can see how “low-rise” they are in the front.

The hair and the outfit are sleek, but my favorite part of her outfit is the shoes. Seriously, look at these shoes!


Talk about attention to detail.  I love these lions, or are they chow dogs? My one quibble is, again, with production values. If you look at the shoe above the watermark, you see the left foot resting on a ball. If you look at the other shoe, the ball didn’t quite come out of the mold properly, and it’s a shapeless blob.

After three weeks of searching I found Scare-Mester Catrine and Jinafire each at two separate Target stores. I had to order Art Class Skelita, Draculaura and the playset on Amazon. That will be a  later post, probably after I go through all the Christmas gifts.

I only have one complaint about the art class line: there’s no Heath in a toga doll!

Goodbye for now!




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