Review: Ikea Huset doll furniture

As promised, today’s post is the beginning of the reviews of my Christmas gifts. Every one of them was begging me to unbox them, but I chose Ikea’s Huset living room set first because I’ve been dying to put my Monster High dolls in it.   The boxed set of furniture contains doll-sized replicas of actual Ikea furniture: one sofa, one slipcover, one throw pillow, one bookcase, one coffee table, one chair and one area rug. I don’t know any of the original Ikea names. if  internet buzz is anything to go by, people are particulary excited about the bookcase. It is pretty cool, and some people display it horizontally rather than vertically. Either way, it really ties the whole room together. 🙂


I added the Christmas tree from my Christmas decorations. My new obsession is looking for teeny tiny tchotchkes to display in this bookcase.

The bookcase is heavier and more substantial than the rest of the furniture, which is serviceable.  The coffee table, sofa and chair are lightweight plastic. The slipcover is removable and held on by a velcro strip underneath the sofa. Inexplicably, the chair has a hole in the middle. I don’t know if it’s from the manufacturing process or the chair’s mold; none of the other pieces has a hole in the center. I can sit a doll on it, but the purist in me is annoyed by seeing that hole when the room is displayed without dolls in it. Does that make me weird? Please tell me that doesn’t make me weird…

The throw pillow? It’s hideous. There. I said it.

I love you this much...

I love you this much…

...and now I don't.

…and now I don’t.



Huset is scaled to 1:6 dolls and is perfect for Barbie, Monster High, and Blythe, among others.


Ghouliette bought this for me on Ebay, since the nearest Ikea is a bit of a schlepp from where we live. I suppose it’s not worth Ikea’s while to sell it online since their shipping charges are determined by weight, and most of what they ship out is large and heavy. Not to worry though, Ebay has the Ikea-less covered!

Final thoughts: this furniture is functional and sturdy, but not as stylish as I imagined it would be.  That being said, there are tons of people on Flickr who did an amazing job setting up and photographing Huset, complete with accessories, decorations, wallpaper, you name it.

Final Grade: C+

At the end of the day, don’t we all  want to kick back and relax with a magazine and some junk food?!



2 thoughts on “Review: Ikea Huset doll furniture

  1. kewpie83

    We picked this up at our Ikea a few months ago. Haven’t used it very much yet! I love the mini Billy Bookcase, too. The beauty of this set is that you can customize it super easily. Love your final picture!

    1. ghoulia13 Post author

      thanks for the kind words! I enjoy your blog very much. I think it’s cool that you and your mom collect together. My sister and I are the same way. It’s nice to have someone who “understands” lol!


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