Ghoulia13’s Christmas Doll Haul

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope 2014 brings you health, happiness, and lots of dolls to come your way. Ghouliette and I have finished up another Christmas at Dollsville USA HQ, and I’m glad to report there were plenty of dolls underneath our tree.  I’m going to share with you pictures of my haul, all gifts from my sister. This will be a fairly basic report; I’ll unbox and pose my new dolls for future posts with more details about each of them.  It was a lot of fun getting toys under the tree, just like the good old days of childhood. Ghouliette and I tend to have very similar tastes in almost everything, so our collections are very similar. Dolls from Asia were the in-demand gift this year, though Monster High was also represented. Without further ado:

Dolls from Asia


Ebay sellers on the other side of the world got a lot of our Christmas spending-money this year. This was exciting, because J Dolls are new to me, though my sister already had quite a few. The Kurhn doll from China is new to both of us, so here is the beginning of yet another dolly obsession.

Sunny Day Superset


Kurhn doll supersets come with one doll and five outfits, plus some small accessories such as purses. The Sunny Day Superset doll comes in a cheery orange polka-dot dress with an assortment of cute outfits.  The top of the box has a handle on it for easy portability.

Kurhn Doll Juice Shop


Oh Kurhn Dolls, you had me at juice shop. This is one of the most adorable little playsets I’ve ever seen.  This doll comes complete with her own little juice shop! There’s a table and chair, small fruits and bowls. (I’m not sure what the square orange and green things are yet.) The box’s background can be used for setting up the doll and posing her for pictures.

Some people refer to Kurhn dolls as “Chinese Barbie dolls.” I like how Kurhns, unlike Barbie, are less about glamor and more focused on being cute and realistic. Their faces are pretty and the expression is friendly and pleasant. The outfits are more realistic in terms of what teenagers actually wear.

J Dolls: Marche


J Dolls are made by Groove, Inc., a South Korean company, and manufactured in Japan. They are made by the same company that makes Pullip dolls.  They were originally made by JUN Planning, and it’s still pretty common to  come across dolls with the original manufacturer on the box, such as the doll I have. I’ve been on the fence about Pullips for years, but once I saw the J Dolls, I had to have one. I love the face, the hair, the clothes, everything. These dolls come with a nicely detailed assortment of pieces to their outfits. Each doll in this series represents a famous street, neighborhood or thoroughfare in one of many countries. Marche is French, with her red, white and blue nautical outfit. I’m itching to get that adorable red beret out of the box!

Monster High: Scarah Screams I Love Fashion Pack


This is a Toys R Us exclusive. I was worried that Scarah was going to end up being one of those MH dolls that become insanely popular, and thereby hard to find.  Ghouliette and I made a last-minute trip to Toys R Us right before Christmas just to take a look around, and they had restocked plenty of Scarahs. Scarah is Irish, the daughter of the Banshee. Her clothes are Mod, with a definite retro vibe. She rocks short shorts, knee boots and a trench like no other ghoul can.

And finally:

Ikea Dollhouse Furniture


Oh, the diorama possibilities this set promises!! This living room set contains doll-sized models of some of their most popular pieces. It’s available for sale in the Ikea stores, but it’s not available for purchase online. If you don’t have an Ikea near you, there are plenty of sellers on Ebay who seem to be well-stocked with new unopened boxes. Virtually all of them are charging prices above the regular retail price; just how much varies from seller to seller so shop around before you hit that buy button!

Over the next week or two I’ll be unboxing all of my Christmas gifts, playing with and photographing them. For now Ghouliette and I still have them stacked up neatly by the Christmas tree because we just like to look at them. Anticipation is almost as much fun as opening, don’t you agree?

Let us know what you scored for the holidays. Was it what you wanted? Did it make you happy? Share with us! Happy 2014!


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