Barbie City Shopper 2013


For the past several weeks when I went to WalMart for my regular Monster High runs, I kept noticing this little beauty. Yesterday when I saw her, I decided to finally buy her because, with my luck, the next time I go to WalMart specifically to buy her, she’ll be gone. The Barbie City Shopper is one of two new dolls in the City Shopper line for Fall 2013.


Compared to Monster High dolls, City Shopper Barbie was very easy to unbox. I only needed scissors to cut the strings keeping her hair in place and to cut the two tiny ties in the back of her head. Everything else was held in place by plastic tabs that you “untie” and then slide out. (If you’ve ever unboxed a Monster High doll then you know what I’m talking about).

She features the Lara face on the Model Muse body. The Model Muse body, while perfect for this doll, does not offer very much in the way of poseability. Her arms are permanently bent, as is one leg. Her legs do not bend like the ball-jointed or click-knee Barbies, and her waist doesn’t twist. But her arms and legs are jointed at the sockets, and her head can move left and right, as well as limited up-and-down movement.




cs10What really attracted me to the blonde City Shopper (there is also a brunette version) was her outfit. Her grey and black basket-weave-patterned-sweater mini-dress, paired with black opaque tights and high-heeled ankle-booties, makes the perfect Autumn ensemble for a day of shopping in the city. What else will she do while she’s in town? Perhaps she’ll have lunch in a quiet little restaurant, as yet-undiscovered by the masses of hipsters who inevitably ruin the atmospheres of such places once they become trendy. Then she can leisurely stroll down the street, her high-heeled boots crunching the crisp autumn leaves beneath them, as she sips on a pumpkin spice latte and ponders her next destination. Bendel’s? Bloomie’s? Bergdorf’s? Barney’s? Hey, how come all of the best department stores in New York begin with a B? Know what else begins with a B? Barbie!

City Shopper Barbie comes with a large red shopping bag emblazoned with her name. She also comes with a certificate of authenticity as part of the Barbie Collectors series.



My thoughts on The City Shopper Barbie? I do wish I could pose her more, for photography and dioramas. But limited poseability aside, I think she’s a beautiful doll. I love her outfit (I can totally see myself wearing the exact same thing), and her face is very pretty. She has rooted eyelashes and white/silvery eye makeup. I found I couldn’t stop photographing her.

City Shopper Barbie retails for $24.95.

cs4I’m ready for my close-up.




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