Lottie Doll

Lottie is a recent arrival to the fashion doll scene. Lottie was introduced in September of 2012 by Arklu, the British toy manufacturer who created the Prince William and Kate Middleton wedding dolls in 2011. She is meant to instill a sense of self-esteem in young girls. Even her motto reinforces this: “Be bold, be brave, be you.” Lottie is different from other fashion dolls. Her proportions are meant to mimic the body of a 9-year-old girl, except for her head, which is larger to accommodate play. The initial release consisted of six dolls, with six more being released this fall. There is an accompanying accessories set for each doll, sold separately.  When we saw Lottie in one of our favorite shops in a small seaside town we like to visit, we couldn’t resist her.

The dolls in the Lottie line are meant to represent play in all forms. Back before 9 year olds had smart phones, kids went outside to play. Lottie emphasizes imagination and play. So naturally my sister ghoulia13 and I took Lottie outside to play.

Autumn Leaves Lottie amidst, well, autumn leaves

Autumn Leaves Lottie amidst, well, autumn leaves

We both purchased the Autumn Leaves Lottie (above). She comes in an adorable coat and hat with a dog paw print on it, a t-shirt with a dog emblem, a corduroy skirt, striped tights, and boots. This is because her accessory pack, Biscuit the Beagle features an adorable little pet dog for Lottie. But the only accessory pack that was left in the Lottie display at the shop where we purchased her was the Picnic Accessory Set. Like Lottie, the accessory set was also so adorable that we couldn’t walk out of the store without buying it.

Pirate Queen Lottie and Autumn Leaves Lottie enjoy a picnic

Pirate Queen Lottie and Autumn Leaves Lottie enjoy a picnic

We thought Lottie was so cute that we went online and ordered more Lottie dolls: Pirate Queen Lottie, Lighthouse Keeper Lottie, and Pandora’s Box Lottie. Each Lottie doll has a story behind her theme. Pirate Queen Lottie pays tribute to Grace O’Malley, a female pirate in the 18th century. Pandora’s Box Lottie volunteers at her local animal shelter, where she finds a box with a kitten (named Pandora, natch) in it. Some of the dolls in the second line all come with adorable and imaginative accessories. For example, Pirate Queen Lottie comes with a sword, and Lighthouse Keeper Lottie comes with a cute nautical-inspired tote bag.

Pandora's Box Lottie

Pandora’s Box Lottie

Pirate Queen Lottie comes in a heavy cotton and corduroy ensemble complete with a traditional pirate hat. She comes with a cutlass and a book about Grace O’Malley, the original pirate queen.

Pirate Queen Lottie: I'm the queen of all I survey!

Pirate Queen Lottie: I’m the queen of all I survey!

Lottie doll has won a host of awards in several countries for being a fashion doll that promotes positive self-image among girls. Her body type is that of a “real” girl, and Lottie’s fashions look like the clothes little girls actually wear. In addition to the accessory packs, fashion packs are also sold separately. Lottie retails for about $20, with accessory packs costing about $10 (prices may vary by store).  You can visit Lottie at www.lottie.com. The prices are listed in British pounds, but it lists retailers in the United States as well as in Britain. Lottie dolls, clothes and accessories are available for purchase in the U.S. on Amazon.

Pirate Queen and Autumn Leaves: the best of friends

Pirate Queen and Autumn Leaves: the best of friends

Ghoulia13 adds: In particular I love the felt and corduroy used in the clothing, unlike a lot of flimsy material used in a lot of other doll lines. But I admit the first thing that caught my eye about the Lottie line was the picnic accessory pack–and that was because I thought it would look great with my Monster High dolls. And you know what? It does!



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